10 key marketing for Christmas

Take advantage of the holidays to sell more and gain new customers…

In the holiday season and the day before Christmas, all trade is revolutionized; consumers also. Increase sales, interest in buying and advertising campaigns and marketing activities by companies.

Marketing for Christmas
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When December arrives, traders begin to change the chip and focus on the strategy of Christmas sale. Everything should be ready by the middle of this month to exploit the Christmas spirit and attract more buyers.

The marketing of this season is an opportunity to expand sales and gain new customers. And if you make the right maneuvers, delivering excellent service and offering good products at an attractive price, you can ensure that many of these buyers come back and keep spending in your business.

Do not forget that the Internet is an ideal platform for business at this time and cannot stop using it. Consumers looking to buy not only good, nice and cheap, but also quickly so give them what they want.

In addition, we recommend you another article of tradenligne for avoid 6 frequent errors in the jump to mobile marketing, mobile marketing is one of the successful method in this occasions. But now here in this article we give a list of ideas to help you take advantage of this Christmas season using your offline and online media.

Notes and applies…

  1. It offers a discount on the delivery with every purchase.
  2. Start a gift referral club with other like-minded traders. If a customer is looking for something you do not have, send / trade or a friend who has what you want. The other trader returned the favor in due time.
  3. Use the email and send to your list of subscribers a special offer or discount coupons.
  4. Collaborates with charities. For example, it offers a discount to every person who brings a toy (or clothes or nonperishable food) to give it away in a Christmas solidarity campaign.
  5. For online shoppers, adds a button that allows them to make donations. Not only you will attract new customers, but it will give good publicity to your company.
  6. As you make sure everything works fine on your website and everything is updated at this time fail to add a special Christmas section.
  7. Add a section of gift ideas. Many people need help to choose them. Be sure to post gift certificates and coupons.
  8. Send your list of subscribers a newsletter with gift ideas.
  9. Delivery coupons to participate in a free raffle for each coupon to redeem.
  10. Of course, nothing attracts customers a mixture of good products, reasonable prices and great attention. Meets these requirements and your customers remain loyal to your business and to recommend.

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