10 Keys to Succeeding in Rural Entrepreneurship

If you want to contribute to the reactivation of the primary sector by generating work, economic wealth and added value, we bring you some key keys to undertake in the rural world.

In many cases, the business projects linked to rural and associated with livestock or agriculture are perceived as entrepreneurs as unprofitable, strenuous or full of risks, but if you consider certain maximum and recommendations can achieve gestate a successful business, sustainable and economically viable.

Rural Entrepreneurship
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10 small tips to undertake in the rural

1) Specialize: Specialization may be the key to your business linked to livestock or agriculture, so incubate creative ideas linked to a very specific and innovative product and study its feasibility and pre-form received in the market.

2) Optimizes processes with the best technology: Previous research to the execution of your project is critical because it will help to reduce costs, ensure efficient and sustainable production and comply with legal and health protocols.

3) Diversify your business or find new distribution channels: You can decanters by creating consumer products – linked proximity to the customer concern by health, seek alternative routes or explore the logistics side of eCommerce.

4) Opting for organic products: Ecological foods have a strong tug at present, the boom is closely related to the concern for environmental sustainability and healthy and free of chemicals and genetically modified food.

5) Studying the possibility of exporting: Depending on the market segment that you focus, studying the possibilities of exporting your product, which can be very attractive to other niches and regions. It is essential to know the bilateral agreements and trade agreements existing between the country or countries that want to export. The projection of the future and the vocation to expand may be the keys.

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6) Get closer to the final consumer: As in the primary sector, there is enough distance between the initial and final production, potential customer approach is very important. The differentiation from competition, product customization or scanning accompanied by a strong content strategy in online corporate networks are some recommendations.

7) Which keeps track supports, subsidies and institutional initiatives are: To promote generational change, alleviate the exodus to the cities and promote the revival of the rural world many communities, municipalities and organizations launch aid and subsidies that must probe prior form.

8) Seeks support and links local: Association links to other shops and businesses, human capital of the area or the resources of the geographical area where your business can help you establish your entrepreneurial process in rural areas.

9) Innovation: To escape the excessive competition, cutting subsidies or low-wage production, sharpens your wits and performs a full preliminary investigation by tests, trials and studies.

10) Access training resources: Many local governments provide lectures, courses, workshops and training sessions for entrepreneurs who want to start a project in the area, so it is important to be attentive to the calls and become rich everything your training. You can also establish contact and initiate networking actions with other entrepreneurs in the area.

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