10 Tips to be financially free

I am convinced that everyone has an idea of a million dollars on his head … these 10 tips will help you realize your idea being rich and retire.

Become a millionaire is a taboo subject. It is amazing that today, our society still thinks that wealth is synonymous with evil … let me give you a tip: the money does not make you good or bad. On both sides of the coin, i.e. rich and poor, there are good people and unscrupulous people. The first step to become financially free is to change mental paradigm that money is the root of all evil.

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Think about this … the people who complain about rich people and money are the ones that work for him. In short, if money is not your slave, then you are a slave to money. Knowing this you can start your career to wealth.

  • Think of something that will benefit millions. Your first task will be to get creative. Use the right side of the brain, i.e. let your mind show you the treasure map. Everyone at some point we thought of an idea that will be a resounding success. The premise would then be “How do I take that idea to millions of people?” This was the question that Mark Zuckerberg was himself when Facebook began … needless to say the rest is history. My advice is to “think outside the box”, the world’s problems have more than one solution, your future work millionaire, will be thinking about creative ways to solve the lives of others.
  • Sacrifices few years of hard work, for decades of freedom. Sacrifice a few years doing what others are unwilling to do and enjoy the rest your life like others never will. Your second task will pay the price … it’s amazing the power of the effort and dedication. You I have wonderful news: actually, you have very little competition, since most are not willing to delay rewards and spend a few years to build his empire. In short, most prefer a secure salary.
  • Save to invest, not only to save. Do you really want to be rich? Then a portion of what you earn is not yours. I mean, a percentage of your income belongs to your company or investment … ALWAYS. That way your money work for you. As we said at the beginning … the rich make their money work for them , everyone else work hard for money.
  • Do not buy luxuries, to be built assets to pay them. Slows luxuries, until you have built your fortune … It’s all about passion, if you like being used then continues to acquire liabilities, on the other hand if you are passionate about being an entrepreneur dedicate yourself to collect assets. It all depends on what you happy. The idea is to teach people before buying liabilities must first acquire or build assets. The luxuries are not bad, but remain poor 95% of the population. Make it a rule base, before liability should always first asset.
  • Treat the money as a jealous lover. Millions of people want economic freedom, but only those who make it a priority to reach win millions. To be rich, money must be your priority. If you ignore it, it will be ignored or worse, will leave for someone who does not take priority. The priority of the rich are investments … he loves money be invested.
  • Money Never Sleeps. The money does not know the clocks, schedules or holidays and much less emotional states. Money loves people who flowed and that makes it grow. It is important to note that people with higher emotional intelligence and committed to your financial future, are those that achieve success. Your work will make money while you sleep. How? Through the power of passive income. Think smart ways that others do the work for you.

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  • Make your money do the hard work. Investing is the Holy Grail to become a millionaire. Your work will give employment to your money. The best way to hire the money is invested. Do not you overlook this … the profits of your investments, should also be reversed. This is the infallible formula to be free financially.
  • Being poor do not make sense. The poor work more and earn less. The poor have less time and less money. The poor pay more taxes and receive less tax benefits. The poor are not masters of their freedom. ? You want to be poor Bill Gates said: “If you’re born poor, is not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your fault.”
  • Follow the example of millionaires. Most of us grew up in a middle class or poor and limit ourselves to the ideas set out in our household. You wonder, and then who learn? The last 11 years of my life, I have studied millionaires to learn and imitate what they did. Find your personal mentor and study. “No matter if you learn of it through a book.” Most wealthy people have shared their experience and advice in books, courses or audios. Knowledge is power and power brings wealth. Empowers your mind … for this section, I will give you a millionaire advice … empty your pockets in your mind and your mind will fill your pockets for life.
  • If anyway you will think … better think big. The biggest financial mistake you can make as future millionaire is not thinking big. There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people who do not think big. Remember we talked about benefit millions with your idea, if you manage to do so, the money will not be an inconvenience.

In conclusion: the world needs more entrepreneurs. The gap says that 95% of the wealth is distributed 5% of the population. A portion of that wealth has to be yours. If you want to retire financially, you must first invest … assets you and then give you freedom. Simply an idea to change the world. I am sure that these 10 tips will accompany the financial retreat. Imagine for a moment, that money is not a problem in your life what would you do? Visit http://sookiesookieboutique.com/ for more tips and reviews.

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