11 Secrets Of The Marketing Message

Surely you know that the text of the message is the key to a successful mailing.

Do you want to learn how to compose not only literate texts for SMS messages, but also those that will encourage customers to buy?

We offer you some tips, using which you will compose a class selling text in the SMS-mailing in terms of various marketing “chips”! Keep these tips and apply in your mailing lists.

1) Start the message with the “hook-word”

For example, “Attention! At last! Hooray! It is finished! ” . This chip immediately attracts the attention of a potential buyer and stimulates it to read the message further.

2) Focus on the main information in the message

Write in capital letters such words as “ACTION, DISCOUNT, SPECIAL OFFER”. For example, “20% DISCOUNT on household goods …”

3) Assure the client of respect

Use the pronouns you, you, yours in the text of the message.

4) Save symbols using numbers

They convince customers and set them up to accurately perceive information. Only specific data, a minimum of “water”

5) Format “Question-answer”

Write messages in this form, give the client the opportunity to answer your question. For example, “Do you know what the price of mascara for mascara is today? $30. – cheaper by 15% than in all shops of the city!”

Marketing Message

6) Add a money-back guarantee to your message

Thus, you increase customer loyalty to your business. For example, “The product delivery service __, we will deliver the ordered goods in 20 minutes or return the money + all the goods you receive for free!” It would seem an incredible guarantee, but it works! It motivates not only the customer to purchase, but also you to provide services on time.

7) Limit the action of the sentence

Promotions, discounts and other special offers should be limited in time. Create the impression of a necessary and urgent purchase. For example, “ACTION 50% for a ticket to Turkey only until the end of this week.”

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8) Use “stimulating words”

Use at the end of the message such “stimulating words” as: “Hurry, hurry, fly”. This is a mini-call to action, which once again attracts the client’s attention.

9) Make exclusive messages

Messages, only when presented, the customer will be able to receive his discount. This will create the effect of a personal message. For example: “Upon presenting this message, you will receive a 15% discount on face care products …”

10) Compare Prices

Use a comparison of the old and new prices, thus, motivating customers to buy your goods on certain dates. For example: “Today you can buy watermelons in the store” _ “for only $1.99 for kg, and tomorrow for $2.49. Hurry!”.

11) Make a unique offer

Make unique messages in messages that will not leave your customers indifferent and will make the most effective advertising for your business.

Message Templates That You Can Use In Your Newsletter

SMS-mailing is of two types

  • Informative;
  • Advertising

Informative distribution of messages is more suitable for supporting communication with regular customers. This newsletter is beneficial for banks, car dealerships, service centers, beauty salons, Internet shops, Internet providers, restaurants and insurance companies.

The main task of such mailing is to inform about necessary services for the client, work hours, new offers, congratulate on holidays, increase customer loyalty, etc.

Examples of informative SMS-sending

  • Dear Steve Smith, the auto parts ordered by you have been delivered. You can pick them up at a time convenient for you. Waiting for you! __
  • Dear Steve, your credit limit is raised to $10000. Pleasant use! Your “Bank”
  • Dear Steve! The company “Travel Agency” congratulates you on your birthday and provides a 20% discount on all vouchers
  • In the menu of our cafe appeared 15 new desserts. We are waiting for you …!

Advertising distribution, in turn, is communication with potential customers. And even though you do not know them, you need to motivate them to buy a service or product. Therefore, the main feature of such messages is a call to action. SMS advertising is suitable for all types of businesses.

Examples of advertising SMS

  • ACTION from the chain of perfume shops “Spirits”. Buy any perfume and get another one in a GIFT! Only until the end of the week, hurry
  • ATTENTION! A new service from “Bank”, an interest-free loan for 5 years. For details call on tel. 000
  • Is it possible to wash the car for free? Yes! Only this week you will wash an iron horse absolutely free at
  • Since May 15 in the network of cinemas “Kino” the premiere of the long-awaited comedy “__” with Angelina Jolie. When presenting this message, the discount for buying a ticket is 10%

We hope that we helped you compose the text for SMS. Creatively, make unique offers and interest your potential customers. SMS-mailing is a reliable friend for your business!

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