19 tips to think like a millionaire

It appears that millionaires live as middle class. That’s what discovered by studied for more than ten years; the habits of nearly 500 Americans have in their personal bank account at least a million dollars. In other words, they are millionaires…

We chose some of the tips offered in the book The Millionaire Next Door, so you can set them up today, so clean up your personal finances. If you want prosperity, develop habits of millionaire

Think like a millionaire
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These tips will help you change your attitude to money: how you spend and how you save?

  1. To generate long-term savings, you must learn to live below your means. That is, spend less than you earn.
  2. It is more important to have financial independence and control over your money, which demonstrate a high status.
  3. Teach your children to undertake and be financially independent. It is the best gift you can offer.
  4. Do not hesitate.It is much more likely that an entrepreneur as a better heritage, an employee of a lifetime.
  5. Allocates, daily part of your time to detect business opportunities so you can indict your strength to generate money.
  6. Requests to evaluate your business regularly. This will allow you, from an external point of view, the appreciation of the growth of your company.
  7. Separate your personal assets from money that corresponds to the business. This will give your financial health and objectivity to manage the company.
  8. Invest in your business sector. On a personal level, also invest in other sectors. Diversification will bring you gains that could solvent if your business area going through difficult times.
  9. In undertaking, considered in your operating expenses a fixed monthly salary for you. This allows you to keep on starting and decrease the economic pressure.
  10. Considers that a high standard of living is hardly sustainable consumption for the vast majority of the population. Usually it generates high debt and little savings.
  11. Buyer much too pretend to be rich, you are likely to never reach truly that status.
  12. A style moderate, frugal life is more stable, so it generates a sense of security and protection for people who take it.
  13. People love stories about teenage millionaires, who seem to have generated their wealth instantly. However, few individuals among mankind the exception to the rule,most people achieve prosperity and economic stability after 40 years … after several years of effort, trial and error.
  14. Do not let your level of income is determined by the budget. The idea of ​​”I earn more, and then I can spend more” often leads to point 10 of this article. You must do list management your expenses and stick to it. The surplus, if your earnings grow, should be saved or invested, whether in financial instruments or in your business.
  15. Prevent, we are all susceptible to getting sick; suffer an accident and other contingencies. It has insurance or tools to support you. Catastrophic spending are the main predators of economic welfare. In the business line, the forecast also extends to other areas. Sets untouchable contingency funds and expenditure programmed (bonuses, profit sharing, etc.).
  16. Treated capital targets accumulated investment. This will help guide your actions towards these goals.
  17. If you are one of those hyper hangovers, believes that with your emotions the same as when you go to the supermarket hungry occurs: more shopping. There are people who make more impulse purchases when you are depressed and some people do when they are happy. Learn to identify your patterns.
  18. Rejects the idea: “I have little money, so why I apply all these points.” Remember that it is harder to manage abundance.
  19. To strengthen your personal finances, follow the advice of the bank: work, save, and invest. We add one more element: undertaken. And we put the beginning of the sentence.

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