3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

The Content Marketing is to generate value to your customers, giving them something that goes beyond the product or service you offer.

Instead of just worrying about selling, the effort is focused on helping people solve their problems through real and valuable information, part of what your company can do for them. In this case, information can be provided through a blog.

BusinessIn practice it means creating and publishing original content, aiming to generate new contacts with relevant public, generate visibility and brand image, and demonstrating the expertise and authority that the company has in the area or industry where it operates.

According to HubSpot, companies with Blog obtained five times more traffic on their sites.

The strength of a Content Marketing strategy lies in its ability to generate qualified leads. If the company succeeds in really good content publishing, you will be linking up with public who have genuine interest in what the company offers. If we can captivate with quality information, the company has a unique opportunity to establish a profitable relationship.

1. Achieve the attention of netizens

Traditional advertising has lost much value in recent years. Today practically everyone understands advertising behind the products and services and know the subjectivity with which the messages are designed.

At the same time, there is information on all-news channels, but especially on the web. There are so many banners, pop ups, e-mail marketing, etc., sailors no longer have time to watch any particular ad.

The Content Marketing, however, delivers customer value, and the right to get their attention “win”. It offers good quality informative content, so that the reader will decide -for own-read the contents.

According to a study published by the company HubSpot in 2012, companies have 5 times more traffic on their sites than those who do not.

2. Increase the visibility of your brand

The generated and content published by the company bears the brand presence in new media. The content begins to appear on social networks, groups and communities naturally segmented by interest.

It is more likely that current or potential business customers share with your contacts an article with relevant information, to share a simple advertisement.

In addition, it is possible to improve visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. These platforms reward the original content and quality over other types of information, and better positioned in the results pages.

3. Retain more customers

Post relevant information, consistently and is also very effective in retaining the link between the company and an individual strategy. By providing relevant information, we are helping a person solve a problem or meet a real need.

If this is achieved, to whom it will appeal the person when a similar situation? This is accomplished by positioning the company as a source of relevant information on the subject of business.

You end up creating a bond of trust, where people flock to the content of the company to get the information. And that is where the company has fertile ground to generate new sales.

The earlier you start with your company’s blog, sooner begin to notice the benefits, and bring forth before edge over your competition.

The important thing is to keep consistency. If you do not think you can have her, no service as e-scribed that help you in creating professional content.

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