3 simple tips to increase conversions on your site

If you have problems turning your potential customers into paying customers, we have some tips that can help you get through them …

1) Try a psychological price

If you have entered prices on your site in the form of whole numbers, try a different strategy: instead of entering, for example, $60, try with $59.99 or $59.95. This is an old marketing game that actually has a lot of research behind it, as you can read about Fast Company.

The reason why this strategy works is because customers see the first numbers – in our example the 6 or the 5 – and associate it with the price and, of course, the 5 beats the 6 in terms of affordability. In some cases, companies have been able to increase sales by more than double simply by lowering the price by one or two cents!

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Another strategy is to try to eliminate the euro symbol, in fact again according to the Fast Company article, the euro symbol can lead to the “fear of paying”, which will lower the chances that the consumer can proceed purchase.

Therefore, instead of advertising a product for $50, try to advertise it for 50, as do many restaurants that have adopted this strategy in their menus! This is because it has been proven to bring great benefits in increasing sales.

2) Enter a call to action

A call to action (CTA) is an instruction to your consumers who wish to receive an immediate response. If you’ve ever signed up for a service, you’ve probably seen (and been influenced) by the call to action.

A good call to action will be oriented towards an action and will offer a certain type of advantage to reduce the risk in the purchase. For example, Netflix uses the following call to action on its site: “See what’s next. See what you want anywhere. Cancel when you want. Subscribe for free for a month.”

This CTA is great because a consumer can easily see the value of this inscription – a month of free service without ties, not to mention that you clearly understand what the next step is to do: click on the button.

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Another great example of CTA is Google Chrome: “Use a fast and free web browser. A single browser for your computer, phone and tablet. Download Chrome. “As the Netflix CTA, the value is immediately clear as well as the next step to take.

How can you enter a call to action on your site? If you offer a service, consider inserting a form for a quote with a call to action like “request your free quote” or “evaluate today”. If you offer products, think also to have visitors sign up for the newsletter or ads for the discounts you offer.

3) Add comments or reviews

Having comments or reviews on your site will add legitimacy to your business and help increase the quality of your offer in the eyes of your potential customers. Since a review is not written by you for your company, it will be taken into consideration by your viewers, as well as helping you build reliability for your product / service.

The key is to attract the right audience, in fact a good comment will show how the product or service has a measurable or tangible advantage for the customer – it will be specific. Consider a review of Amazon for a Fire tablet: “It works great, I love it.” Although it is positive, it is not sure that it can lead to customer purchase.

increase conversions
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Instead, think of a comment like this: “It does everything necessary for school and for fun. The small size is perfect for the trip, as well as for the daily use of the tasks. The graphics are clear and both the options and the installed programs allow you to have everything you need to get started. It has a simple interface that is my 7 year old son and my mother of 70 includes. They are all happy and the price is unbeatable!”

This review is much better than the first, as it is more specific and shows the tangible benefits of the product.

Once you get the right reviews, you’ll have to focus on how you’re going to use them, for example, a good way to add credibility to your comments is to enter the name and image of the people who did it, as well as any other type information that can help consumers identify with that person.

For example, if your targeted market is small entrepreneurs, you could enter the name of their business. You will also need to enter reviews on the first page of your site and on all the most important ones, so you can slowly build a page of “Reviews” where potential customers will be able to read all the comments you have received.

Finally, I do not think I should tell you, but it’s always better to remember that you’ll have to avoid false reviews or change what you get! And remember to always ask your customers to enter their review on your site.

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