4 Costly Mistakes Of Companies In Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool. But, as Uncle Peter Parker said: “The more power, the more responsibility.” Failure to understand the extent of the impact of errors in misconduct on social networks entails problems that risk becoming global in the long run and hamper business growth. Collecting a large number of relevant subscribers is very difficult, and just one small mistake can negatively affect the reputation of your company. Fortunately, many of these errors are completely preventable. Let’s take a closer look at the most common ones …

1. Inappropriate and unconfirmed messages

Literally every week in your information field there are publications from companies that cause a flurry of negative responses. What do I do in most of these cases? Usually just silently remove the post. Less often – they write a refutation or apology to save face and established good relations with the public.

How does this happen, because business should be as cautious as possible? And the matter lies simply in human nature. What seems to be one witty, leads others into a state of indignation; what seems appropriate, in others causes disagreement. Especially often, short messages without context are exposed to misinterpretation. Therefore, to avoid such errors, enter the rule of multi-level pre-moderation of all messages that are planned to be published on social networks. Two or even three pairs of eyes are much better than one, and provide a comprehensive review of the content of the message for relevance and inadmissibility of ambiguous interpretation.

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2. Switch to attack mode

Any social media is full of trolls (provocateurs), whose entire purpose is to insult, humiliate or provoke other people into unseemly acts in the network (i.e. the transition to personalities, rudeness, mistakes, profanity). Therefore, in no case can you react to such personalities, no matter how much you want and no matter how indignant you are. Because trolling is one of those rare problems that are solved in one simple way – complete disregard. Trolls feed on your fury, they are energy vampires who are good when the subject of their attention is bad. The only way to avoid manifestations of feelings is not to show provocateurs that their messages are noticed in principle. Because a competent provocateur is a good psychologist with a lot of experience, he knows how to unleash you on manifestation of undesirable reaction for you. Just do not give him a reason. And he will not have anything to catch on.

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3. Inability to determine your target audience

Creating a profile, multiple accounts and content – many of these are limited when you start working with social networks, but this is clearly not enough. If you want to succeed in social media, you need to narrow down the focus and make sure that your messages are sent to people who will accurately pay attention to them. Otherwise, you just create an information noise, more annoying than bringing satisfaction or benefit. Each successful social strategy begins with a detailed understanding of who your target audience is. A simple analysis of the demographic situation is not enough. You need to know what stores your target user prefers, where he lives, how he spends his time, what his political beliefs are, and other information you can get. Knowing who your target audience is, you can more effectively choose the mechanisms of influence to attract it.

4. Subscription fee

It’s very difficult to declare yourself online. The first steps of life in social networks are so insignificant and bring such insignificant fruits that many companies fail and make one big mistake – they buy users. It would seem that it may be easier to pay a relatively small amount and increase the number of your own community. But this is akin to building a house in the sand.

You must clearly understand your task, and it is simple – turning the subscribers of the community into real buyers. How can a bot buy something, if it was bought by you? How will you address subscribers, knowing at the same time that your entire audience is not interested in you? What all your efforts will certainly not receive the benefits? The danger of buying subscribers and cheating attendance counters is that you get an audience that is completely irrelevant to the development of your business, which means you waste your time and money, although they could direct them to efforts to attract targeted users and accelerate organic growth number of the group.

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