4 points to manage a successful project

All projects are working but not all jobs are projects. There is a contrast between managing a project and perform everyday tasks that make up our daily work. What is the difference? A job is a set of business processes that are completed on a day to day with no time limits or resources. In addition, a project is defined as a sequence of tasks that need to be completed and planned to achieve a previously set objective, limited human financial resources, time, etc. A work tends to be operating, while a project is more strategic.

BusinessGiven these differences, what it is project management? Project management is applied combination of skills, tools and techniques to carry it out effectively. Therefore, the work of a project manager is complex. It is not only setting goals, but must measure and monitor collective progress. It requires create detailed how they are going to complete and achieve each goal plan.

Are we all capable of handling a project? To do this properly, we need knowledge and skills in certain areas if we do not have these skills, we need to acquire, as they are essential parts when we are playing in this position:

  • Time and costs: Since influencing productivity and quality of work is required to manage them correctly to achieve the best results.
  • Physical and human resources: Considering that each member of our team possess different strengths and weaknesses, the tasks should be allocated taking into account the profile of each to optimize performance.
  • Risk Assessment: There are many types of risks that may occur, such as banking, financial, accounting, among others. In considering each possible risk must be prepared to address and which do not amount to affect the results.
  • Assertive communication inside and outside: Efforts should be good communication between team members so that they in turn understand what is expected of their performance and that all pursue the same goal.

All projects are handled with the same principles, the proper management of these brings a lot to a company, increasing profitability and contributing to its growth. Now that we know the key points to manage projects must reflect, what area we need to strengthen to develop successfully?

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