4 Things very productive people do differently

We all know some of those ultra productive people doing many things a day. They see life easier, as if his day had more hours than the rest of the people. However, we all have the same amount of hours in the day.

As Thomas Edison once said, “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and all he can not afford to lose.” Money, health … may come and go but time once it’s gone forever.

EntrepreneursTo be more productive, we must look at the habits of those ultra productive people and strive to incorporate some of his wisdom to our daily lives. Every minute saved adds quality to your being. Here are some things that make people very productive differently.

1. Know say “NO”

They say no, and they mean it. Productive people are picky about what and who undertake.

Once you are committed to something or someone always carry it out. And when they say “no” also kept to the end without which nothing can make them change their minds.

For them, does not mean: no discussion, no uncertainty. They understand the value of time. Productive people know it is not possible to accept all applications. After all, they are human.

2. Do not accept multitasking

An image comes to mind when we think of productive people is someone doing four things at once. The person on the phone, answering emails, spending reports, and planning a birthday party, all at once. It’s not really a productive person.

Our brains are not designed to do many different cognitive tasks simultaneously. If you’re trying to do two things that require concentration and attention at the same time, none of these tasks gets done properly or given adequate attention.

This often makes it necessary to go back and redo something because he was not giving full attention. It has been shown that multitasking reduces efficiency. It is better to commit to a task, take it to the end and then start over.

Doing two things at once is like chasing two rabbits. In the end, both rabbits escape.

3. Give priority to what they consider most important

They have a long list of emails and phone calls to return. As soon as you receive a message, one of three things will happen. It will be important enough to address it at that moment.

It will be of a major character, but not to require their attention, so that this task can be delegated to someone else to complete it. Or, the issue is not important and can be removed promptly. The productive people spend part of their time to develop a plan of action.

4. Know delegate

We can not do everything. And while you can, you should, if you want to be productive. Often, we spend more time in the smallest things. Many of those things where we spend most of our time, are precisely the kinds of things that even a monkey could do.

Highly productive people focus most of their time on what really matters. The rest, looking for ways to delegate. Imagine you are an entrepreneur who has just started, and you need to go outside to find customers. If you spend a couple of hours to make spreadsheets or greeting cards to customers, you are taking time from the most productive part of the business customer acquisition.

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