5 benefits of a clean office

A clean office is a productive office. Keeping the workplace tidy means that clutter is avoided, and your employees’ health is boosted. Visitors also benefit from a clean regime. Here are five key benefits that come with proper cleaning.

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1 Better air quality

Over time, dust in carpets and upholstered office furniture can create poor air quality and contribute to respiratory disease. Maintaining a schedule of wiping surfaces, getting your carpets vacuumed and cleaned, and cleaning upholstery will reduce respiratory irritants and improve overall air quality.

Upholstery and carpets retain debris and dust deep in their fibres. Having a professional clean of these items will keep your office air fresh.

2 Better health

A lack of cleanliness in the workplace can cause staff absenteeism due to illness. Maintaining a hygienic office space lowers the chances of germs and bacteria affecting your employees. Disinfecting areas with high touch such as keyboards, doorknobs, rubbish bins and appliances can help to minimise the spread of germs.

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Lifehack has some advice on how to clean up your office in ten minutes: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/work/clean-up-your-office-in-10-minute.html.

3 A safer workplace

By keeping floors clean and dry, this will lessen the risk of spills and slips. Also, avoid long vacuum cleaner cords in high traffic areas, and keep office supplies tidy and off the ground to avoid accidents and bumps.

4 Professional appearance

A well-kept, clean workplace expresses your core values. It demonstrates that you value your business, you value employee health and safety, and you value your customers. When potential clients visit, pride in your facility is a marketing tool. Many clients view cleanliness as a top priority when considering whether to do business with you.

5 Greater productivity

Paper clutter reduces productivity as employees waste time trying to find documents, control pages or archive their work. Taking a step towards the paperless office, you could investigate technological alternatives which mean less of a paper trail.

Staying focused is much easier in a clutter-free office, and stress levels are proven to be reduced when there is no distracting mess. Without clutter and the mental distraction of a messy office, employees are altogether more productive and happier – the perfect recipe for workplace harmony.

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