5 Business marketing myths that prevent you to grow

No matter if the rotation of your business is manufacturing, marketing, services or technology, the best solution to grow steadily is selling. However, did you know that 69% of SMEs in America have well defined target market or your niche business? Worse still, 83% of employers expect to shoppers come out of the blue.

So, many times, the enemy is at home and are business owners themselves guilty that your company does not generate accurate results that allow them to point to real growth, because his mindset as entrepreneurs still obeying obsolete paradigms. So I invite you to meet the five myths of marketing most common presented in entrepreneurs.

marketing myths
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1) The marketing does not work, what I need is sales. Actually one thing leads to another, having a marketing strategy lets you connect with your target market. It is essential that generate loyal customers to recommend and you keep buying.

2) The marketing is very expensive. You cannot think of it as an expense or taste, marketing is an investment and should therefore be assessed in terms of return on investment will generate.

3) Everyone is my market. This is one of the most dangerous paradigms that have business owners, as they are unable to understand that not everyone is your target market. Actually, it is a group of consumers who might need a product or service. Do not forget, your most effective market is one that wants to consume what you offer for whatever reason.

4) I do not need help, I can grow alone. You cannot do marketing based solely on what you read and what you see on the internet. Structuring a highly effective marketing machine requires knowledge, indicators and analysis. But you’re not alone! There are experts who can help. The coaching, for example, is an option accompanying lets you build your sales and marketing machine, throw her to walk and make it very powerful.

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5) Sales do not depend on me but on the market. Blaming the market is one of the resources most used by employers to continue living in their comfort zone active. Let me tell you something: blame the market cycles is not only irresponsible, it is a sign that an employer is not taking the leadership role it deserves.

Change brings great challenges, it is true, but also great rewards. By having a system of marketing and sales you will achieve to have certainty about the growth of your sales and generating a robust portfolio of clients that is true to your company.

If you identify with any or all of these myths, do not worry! Earned taken the first step to change. Clearly you want to improve yourself and give your business the growth it deserves. Do not hesitate, to finish reading this, take bold decisions and gives definitive steps to grow your sales, accelerate your marketing and your money generating cycles and cash flow.

What are you waiting for? Grow up already and become an entrepreneur million!

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