5 Online Marketing Tips for your eCommerce Merchants

You may be an entrepreneur with much enthusiasm and you have a great idea and original product to sell online; however, when it comes to e-commerce that is not enough. In eCommerce, you should note that there are several factors that will affect your online store, you should give your customers confidence, perhaps increasing the security of your online store with a monitoring software. And this is why you must think on a global basis that includes several areas to succeed as increase the visibility of your site in search engines, improving the user experience in your online store and increase sales of your products. You wonder how then do you give some advice?

Onine MarketingTips to increase sales of your online store

1. Keyword Research

If you want to increase the visibility of your site you need you to tell the search engine (eg. Google) what is your online store. To do this, you need to make an investigation of keywords that describe best what your online store, the products you have and how people are looking for what you offer so that in this way can appear in the organic results seekers.

A very useful tool is the keyword planner Google, as it allows you to know the volume of searches per month and every word suggestions and deal with your product or service. You can do your research by country or combination of countries.

2. Improves image quality of your products

You know how important it is to have good pictures of your products? People who come to your virtual store can not touch the products you sell, how you can supply this, it is with good pictures. These will give visitors an idea about the quality, shape and texture of your products. With these great pictures you’ll get people who came to visit your online store will be interested in your products and buy them. You will also improve the user experience you have to navigate your product page. If you are not a professional photography does not matter, because there are some tricks to take pictures of your products from your online store you can learn.

3. Make videos of your products

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video can do. The video’s audio-visual and this type of content is very comprehensive to attract new customers and to retain even those who already have. Some types of videos you could do are:

  • Tutorials – The video tutorials will help you explain the use and operation of your products, attracting new customers to get to know your products and also to customers who have already bought your products, can resolve doubts about the functioning of product and This loyalty to your brand.
  • Testimonials – The testimonials build trust mainly to people who are thinking about buying your product but for some reason have not been encouraged to do so. Such videos are effective in increasing your customer base.
  • Interviews – These videos will help you gain a better reputation in the vertical where you are, and you can have more credibility with the people who are interested in your brand.

4. Offer something for free

From the beginning the word free is already a hook. With this you will get the attention of all visitors, potential customers and regulars. Something you can do to do this, is that if they are interested in the product you offer free, you can invite them to subscribe to your newsletter by entering your email. Something you can offer, also is giving away something on the first purchase of one of your products. This will help you increase your sales, engaging customers for a purchase undecided. With this type of action you will maintain an average regular sales every day.

5. Implement a newsletter

Communication with customers is one of the most important things you should consider. One way to reach them is by creating a newsletter.

One of the great benefits of this action is that you can retain your audience and increase your sales.Remember that people who sign up to your newsletter, are people who are interested in your brand, so they want to know about your products, news and offers.

Currently there are tools that will facilitate the implementation of a newsletter very easily in your online store. Regularly this type of subscription forms are in the sidebar of your website, however we recommend to test A / B so you Determines the most effective position to place this form.

If you do not know what the content is that you can share through your newsletter, here we leave some general themes that you can take:

  • New Product Announcements
  • Information about events that are in your niche
  • Product Offerings
  • Product usage information

This type of actions we have seen, will help you improve your digital marketing strategy. Try to implement all of them so you can get a complete success in every area of ​​your eCommerce store. Do not forget to do A / B testing to make sure you are running the actions in the most effective manner possible. Start today to implement these actions online marketing!

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