5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Security Guard Company          

The United States is the third-ranking country globally for professional security guard employment. In fact, nationwide, there are over 1.1 million private security workers compared to 800,000 police officers. Whether your business is educational-based, in the hospitality or health fields, or retail-related, there are plenty of ways the right security team can help protect your company and help increase its success. Even if you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid excessive theft and criminal activity, your security needs can change on a dime. But what are some major reasons your business needs to rely on a competent and reputable security guard company?

Help Improve Internal Business Safety and Security

Physical security is most often associated with security companies, but cyber attacks can be thwarted and controlled by the right security plan as well. In fact, cyber breaches are such a huge threat for small businesses that 61% of hacker attacks targeted them alone in 2017. That was an 8% increase from the previous year. The right security guard company can improve cybersecurity by backing up data, implementing secure servers, and installing advanced firewalls. And a professional security guard can be responsible for monitoring and reporting issues or concerns.

Increase Business Productivity and Improve Individual Safety

Bullying, verbal threats, and intimidation aren’t just found in the schoolyards anymore. The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) discovered that around 2 million threats of violence or assaults were experienced in the workplace in 2017. And according to the FBI, 80% of shooter incidents are work-based. The right security guard company can devise a plan for eliminating worker contention and improving business productivity as a result.

Security Issues Are Handled with Efficiency and Ease

A professional security guard is the first line of defense to protecting your business. They act as a physical deterrent to potential thieves and can be the cleanup crew in the event theft or criminal activity does occur on the premises during or after hours. The right security guard company can ensure all issues are handled quickly and easily so the business owner can get back to running a tight ship.

Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction

A business can go from black to red in no time if customers are continually confused or put in danger, or if clients can’t gain access to specific locations within the business. But a professional security guard can create or attend to solutions to make the business more appealing and safe for customers, clients, and employees. Providing escorts through dark areas or parking lots and offering directions to locations or appropriate management throughout the building are prime and often priceless examples that quickly build loyalty.

Quick Response Time and Appropriate Diffusion of Potential Dangers or Destruction

Business owners and management need to be ready for just about anything, but that’s not the case for customers and other employees. However, if a customer becomes aggressive, employee violence occurs, or someone becomes injured or seriously ill on the premises, it may take an extended period of time for those issues to be resolved without the assistance of a professional security guard. Even a call to the local authorities can take a half hour or longer for help to arrive. But the right security guard company can evaluate all your Michigan security needs and prepare for even the most stressful contingency.

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