5 Simple Ways to motivate workers

You want to have employees who will work with joy, are committed to your company, and motivated by their work then you have to understand your needs and focus on them. This wisdom comes from Jay Simon, president of Atlassian, an enterprise collaboration software for computers.

Simon learned his management approach through an unconventional career that included years as pianist in the bar of a hotel in Southeast Asia. When he returned to America, he entered the world of sales in a software company and soon was entrusted the management of a sales office abroad. He joined Atlassian to direct sales and marketing, and was promoted to president three years later.

BusinessThis is what he has learned along the way to motivate and inspire the people who work for him and has been picked up by Inc.

1. Take time to understand them.

Do not assume you know everything about a person by what they do or experience they have. “When I was playing the piano in Rangoon, I learned that Burma had a good education system, but the problem then was that there was no opportunity to practice what was learned,” says Simon.

“The job of serving and other work in the hotel restaurant where I worked, were among the best jobs in the country.” Some of the people doing those jobs were racing physics or biology, recalls.

Simon learned a valuable lesson from this experience. “We all come from all kinds of situations and influences in our lives. Each of us has different things to offer.”

2. Give them opportunities to try new roles, even if they have no obvious qualifications.

“I’m a big believer in giving opportunities to people, because I have been the beneficiary of them,” he explains. “People gave me the opportunity to do things they had not done before.” There was no reason why the first head of Simon, the company Plumtree Software (now part of Oracle), assuming that he had the ability to be a good seller based on their past experiences. He was given the opportunity, and he was so good at work that expanded their customer base outside the United States.

3. You have to figure out where they want to go employees and help them get there.

One of the most inspiring things for all employees is your boss asked about their aspirations and then help them fulfill those dreams.

This could mean sending employees special training, give them flex-time so that they can follow a specific passion, or even introduce contacts outside your company who can offer your dream job in a few years if you can not.

It also means helping employees with suggestions and encouragement, letting them know when they are on the right track to achieve the desired objectives and when to make a change. “They want to know if they are going in the right direction,” says Simon. “Encouraging feedback is very important.”

4. You have to give people opportunities to pursue their passions.

Atlassian gives one day the opportunity for a quarter of his team to meet and carry out the project of their choice. The event is called “ShipIt” because each team has only 24 hours to complete each project from start to finish.

“The only requirement is that you have to stand up and explain to other colleagues the final work,” says Simon. “We had a team where people are frustrated by the fact that all the chairs in the conference room were fixed and were adjusted in a certain way, so its ShipIt project was to make the chairs were not fixed and each person You could adjust the the way you come good. “

5. Do not be afraid to fail

If you are encouraging people to spread their wings and fly it may be normal to occasionally crash into any wall. And that’s a good thing, says Simon. “That’s not just a feedback mechanism. It’s almost as good as having success,” he explains. “I am the beneficiary of people who have given me the opportunity to fail. It is my responsibility to create an environment where you are not afraid to fail, and if it happens, is taken as an experience.”

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