5 things you need to avoid for your business

Our career depends on many factors, and not all of them can be calculated. But at the same time, it is absolutely in our power to get rid of our own shortcomings, whose influence on our lives and activities is often too understated. Here are five things that you need to get rid of decisively and preferably in the near future, because they affect our business success.

1. Complaisance

In the day there is not so much time to allow yourself to agree to do everything that you will not be asked. Avoid time killing. Saying “yes” to every request is the right way to limit your own success in life and business. You have only 24 hours in a day, and during this time you can either build your life, or destroy it. Of course, it is also sometimes necessary to agree, without this the business will not be effective, but there are general situations when you simply have to say “no” to the proposal or request …

  • You do not have to agree to go play with friends if the next day, for personal or professional reasons, you need to be “like a cucumber”.
  • You do not have to spend your time solving a friend’s problems, if you yourself have the time planned for solving your own problems.
  • You do not have to take on the execution of every order that comes to work, if you are not 100% sure that you will have enough time to perform it as high as possible and without breaking the deadlines.

And the most important thing. You should not do things that you absolutely do not like. Apologize and continue to bend your line. In the end, for what we live and work, if not for pleasure!


2. Noisy environment

Our life is just full of noise, which only distracts us from the main thing. E-mail messages, news feeds in social media, SMS, advertising and much more are capable of both facilitating our life and greatly complicating it. Usually the second scenario prevails. These career killers literally land your dreams or vice versa – they make you wander in the clouds. Those who find the strength to fight in these bonds and decorate the covers of the magazine Forbes. Get a rule – first deal, then toys. That is, you cannot abandon all these things categorically, but simply make them a “reward” for effectively performing tasks. You will see, the quality of your work will increase, productivity will increase, and “toys”, if you still want to play them, will be exploited by you with great pleasure, because now you will not hate yourself for a mediocre time spent when you have no that is full of cases.

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3. Information overload

This advice follows logically from the previous one. If you need to learn something, find out, but this is nothing more. Think for yourself how much we actually get information during the day, which is nothing more than information garbage. If you want to stretch your brains with something, mash it up with something useful, which you can then apply to your business in one way or another. Social networks, news releases, videos on YouTube should be censored by the question: “Do I really need to know this? Will this help me in my work? “. And if the answer is negative, then learn to say to yourself: “No! Not now. I cannot afford to spend this time. “

4. A wide range of communication

If you have many friends and you are proud of it, then it’s time to stop. Because sooner or later you will suddenly come across the sad truth that “all” is synonymous with “nobody”. This does not mean that you should not establish new contacts and get to know people. But this means that it is necessary to allocate a small group of those people whose views and values coincide, and in every possible way to maintain communication with them. Do not force yourself, if you are uncomfortable with a person, you do not need to cling to friends of the times of your university life, if nothing remains between you, except for common memories. Humble with this and free up time for people with whom you are interested and comfortable. If, in addition, there will be some benefit from your communication for your career – it’s fine. But utility should not replace pleasure.

5. Tips for strangers

You are your own, and therefore do not have to realize at the expense of your happiness the dreams of other people: parents, children or spouse. If you feel that you do not want to do what the people around you want from you, then do not do it. If you do not feel happy implementing plans for you from your loved ones, drop everything and really do what gives you satisfaction. This is your life, so try to live it in such a way that it leaves good memories, and not bitterness of unrealized desires.

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