5 tips to prepare business proposals

Develop business proposals it is often a mission that many vendors do not appreciate. However a correct wording may lead to get many more sales.

Many salespeople enjoy face to face contact with customers but when put in writing the advantages of their products, they do not know where to start, leading to loss of sales or that this is much less than expected.

Business Proposals
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With the 5 tips to prepare business proposals I offer then I hope you find it much easier to make such documents and sales considerably augmenters that you realize.

1. Focus on your customer objectives

Most vendors to develop commercial proposals focus on creating a detailed list of the features and benefits of our products but nothing about the needs of our customers.

Instead of explaining what you offer potential customers, your proposal should focus on the key points that the customer wants to solve and as we get with our product. We detail the value that our product will bring to our customer from their point of view.

The technical characteristics are not the key that will give us a sale. The key is how we translate these features into concrete solutions for the problems of our customers.

Develop effective business proposals are to think about how we can help our customer and not how great it is the product that we sell.

2. Concise

Most of the proposals are too long. We should not be surprised that the client nor read. We are making a business proposition, not a manual of the product in which we include all technical specifications.

We should not exceed three pages, and if we can synthesize it in a much better. Less is more in this case. Our goal is to read it carefully, so that we include everything will be relevant to our client. We should not fill the document with wonderful details of our company or ourselves.

Develop business proposals is not writing a user manual, but a useful document clarifying all possible doubts and uncertainties of our client, but even more important is that our client to read, which is more than three pages reduces our chances.

3. There are three options

Commercial proposals usually focus on a single solution or product. But it is more interesting to offer three options.

Develop business proposals where we included three options to open the range of possibilities to our potential customer. Normally we will guide you towards the middle, but adding more comprehensive proposal always leave open the possibility to do cross selling, or raise new concerns on the client.

In addition, if you are concerned about is the price, we are covered offering a less comprehensive solution.

  1. Creates a checklist

Make sure that your proposals have covered all the points you want to play. To do nothing easier than to create a checklist of key points…

This may include the following:

  • Is the proposal focused on the needs of my client?
  • Is there any place that is not clear enough or could be misinterpreted?
  • Is it written from the point of view of the customer?
  • Sufficiently demonstrate the benefits that our products will involve the potential customer?
  • Do we include relevant financial information, including costs, payment and delivery?

Develop business proposals are not just writing, but an exercise of reflection on how we can help the customer.

5. Fast

It is pointless for your proposal to be the best on the market if a year late. The sooner you deliver the proposal, the more likely you. As the potential client demands a commercial proposal will be our top priority to finish as soon as possible.

Promptness conveys interest and professionalism. According to a study average delivery of a winning proposal is 2.7 days while it is 3.4 for the losers.

As you can see one day can make a difference.

Develop effective business proposals is another factor that will make you to be part of the elite sales professionals, increase your sales and you will earn the respect of your customers.

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