5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Curb Appeal

It might be the inside that counts, but the outside needs to look good, too. This is how you’ll send a good first impression and attract more customers to your brand. If you’re trying to improve the curb appeal of your business, here are just a few ways to get started.

1. Label Everything

Look at your building from the perspective of a random passerby. Can you tell what the company does? You want customers to know right away if this is a business that offers them a needed product or service. Is it clear where customers should park? You might be surprised by the number of people who will be reluctant to stop at your business if they aren’t sure where they’re allowed to park. No one wants to get towed!

2. Add Some Color

The human eye is naturally drawn to color, and the human spirit is naturally responsive to it. A gray industrial building won’t attract nearly as many customers as a red-brick building with bright green grass growing all around it. Even if you’re unable or unwilling to change the hue of your property, you can add splashes of color with signs, flowers and other decorative elements.

3. Keep It Clean

This might sound obvious, but people will judge you if your storefront is ugly or poorly-maintained. Not only will dirty sidewalks and cracked windows look unattractive, but they’ll also make your customers question their personal safety. If they suspect that going into your store will get them robbed, it’s only natural that they’ll steer clear. Do yourself a favor and start sweeping the cigarette butts from your front entrance.

4. Dazzle Your Customers With Window Displays

Good window displays can help you reel in customers who might be otherwise undecided about coming into your store. For example, if they see a sale being advertised in big, colorful letters, they might overcome their normal reservations about shopping somewhere new. They might also be attracted by certain brands that you offer or door prizes that you’re willing to give away.

5. Restructure Your Parking Lot

Hang new signs. Paint brighter lines. Install a barrier gate to help you control the flow of traffic around the building. There are many ways to improve both the style and the efficiency of your parking lot; you just have to be willing to utilize them. For more information, check out a site like ParkingBoxx. They can get you started with a newer, better parking lot.

These are just a few ways to improve the curb appeal of your business. There are many more, but these tips should be enough to get you started. Good luck!

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