6 frequent errors in the jump to mobile marketing

All brands are moving into our marketing strategies so moving. Because we know that more and more people access the Internet from their smartphone or tablet. And they do it for information or access to their social networks, but also increasingly to leverage our timeouts shopping or steps.

Mobile marketing is an excellent opportunity to surprise the customer. It would be a shame to waste it directly copying what we did for the PC world. For any consumer behaves like when you have the whole afternoon ahead alone with your computer while waiting in the doctor’s mobile dentist in hand.

Mobile Marketing
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In any case, innovate more or less, extrapolate some practices is an unforgivable mistake. I share here some of the most common practices that I run because I think are mistakes to be avoided.

Too much text

We forget that the mobile screen is very small and if we invade the letters, the reader tired and dizzy. As important it is to bring clarity and conciseness to full power as background or font type and size we choose.

It must incorporate tools responsive web design automatically adapts the content to the device from which you access. But no, but remember that the tool will not shorten your text or speech will take more to the point. That should do it.

Complicated forms

I do not know why we think from the marks when more information asks the best customer. I think it’s a mistake, because in fact, in most cases we do not know then what to do with the few responses we received.

Asks the strictly necessary data and make it as simple as possible. Enter from your mobile is more uncomfortable than a PC, mind and pulls combos and clip whenever you can options.

Links that are not mobile-friendly

It is imperative that we ensure that any link that we include on our websites or our emailing properly read from a mobile device and the user can continue browsing click after click until you get tired of having the phone in your hand.

Apps that do not add

An app is not just a website that looks better on mobile. With more app sandals your visitors become your users, a point much closer to being your buyers … You can segment your customers based on their use of your app to hyper segmented campaigns, which assumes that the client is more receptive.

Move from a general communication to a communication via push messages from the app itself is also a spread jump. But you have to keep up and provide real value. Always have given head and objectives and selects either your call to action.

Mobile treated as a separate entity

Adaptation and coherence must go together. App and web should these closely related in design time and always. The customer is onmicanal and certainly do not understand how the face and capacities samples will vary depending on the device from which you contact.

As each browser has some requirements and at the time you designed your website to make it look good at all, now all do the same in this multi-device landscape. Again the tools help, but do not forget that not everything.

Contact numbers

When we consulted a phone number in a web, then we go to our phone, mobile or fixed and mark it read. But we often forget that when we do from the mobile aspire to dial from the same device and so we must go to the call screen. And not everyone knows how.

It is therefore absolutely necessary to encode contact details so that the user can start the call with a single click.

Sometimes we neglect the obvious. Too often the rush or custom leads to reuse what works with minimal facelift. And certainly we muddle through, but I recommend getting a fresh start as a new center consumer focus and comfortable sitting casually in his chair. I think only in the head this we can develop a winning strategy in the race of mobile marketing.

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