6 Reasons to Invest in SEO in 2018

The end of 2018 is inexorably approaching, and companies are busy summarizing, as well as outlining prospects. Does it make sense to invest in SEO with other opportunities to promote your business? This is one of the issues on the agenda of many enterprises. After all, there are companies that have invested in SEO, but have not received ROI. We say yes! That is why it is worthwhile to think about financing activities in this direction.

1. Search engines will not go anywhere

One of the reasons why you need to invest in SEO in 2018 is the fact that search engines will not go anywhere and will get a significant market share next year. After all, when you search for something on the Internet, you cannot do without search engines, which in 2018 will increase the number of users, as more and more people get access to modern Internet technologies.

This means that the presence of business on the Internet will be more important than ever. If search engines cannot find your site in the search process, then your business will lose potential customers and potential profit. Therefore, investing in promotion and optimization of the Internet resource is a matter of business survival. And if you take into account that technologies do not stand still and more and more people use alternative search tools (for example, voice search), you can get in first to jump into the boat and get around competitors at the current stage.

2. Development of mobile technologies

Several years ago there were predictions that more and more people would opt for a smartphone when it was necessary to go online. As we see, this era has already come. Users are less and less likely to turn to a desktop computer, preferring smartphones or tablets to perform searches on the Internet. But when it comes to optimizing the site for mobile devices, suddenly there is a realization that many companies have not yet begun debugging this process.

Mobile platforms offer virtually limitless opportunities for marketing, which is why SEO will still be relevant in 2018. Local search dominates among users of mobile devices, which means that owners of sites optimized for smartphones and tablets can derive additional benefits.

SEO in 2018

3. Economic efficiency

SEO is a tactic that saves the company’s money invested in advertising. Yes, any search engine optimization is a long-term job, but it is much cheaper than a one-time purchase of advertising in the media, and more stable and long-playing as a dividend receipt. Each of the existing marketing strategies (promotion in social networks, media advertising, e-mail marketing) play a role in the development of the company, but SEO is the most affordable type of marketing and can yield some measurable results.

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4. Variability of the system

A self-confident SEO specialist is an unprofessional SEO specialist. It seems to you that you invested money, optimized the site, you noticed the search engines, so you can relax and rest on your laurels? This is not true. The world is changing, technologies are changing, the interests and needs of users are changing, and you, too, must change after them. Search engines are constantly developing new algorithms to more accurately respond to users’ requests. They do not advertise the algorithms themselves, so that the sites are not robotized and do not put information garbage under the guise of an adequate response to the request. And it is right. Because attracting the right user is actually attracting the buyer. You cannot learn these algorithms for sure, but you can study the search queries of users and improve your content depending on the results. Monitoring and introduction of changes must be made constantly. That’s why SEO will be effective in 2018.

5. Competitiveness

Imagine that you left attempts to get profit from investing money in SEO, and your nearest competitor changed the specialist and began to make profit from investments. The result is that their ratings are growing, customers are flowing the river, sales are going up, and you are hanging out somewhere on the second page of the SERP, and although your offer for quality and money is better, nobody knows about it, since people rarely show up until the second page.

6. It still works

The most important argument, why you need to invest in SEO – it still works! The fact that you did not get the return of SEO in 2018 still means that this marketing tactic has ceased to be effective. Therefore, hire a good specialist, develop a detailed plan and follow it throughout the year 2018. And later look at the results and rejoice at your foresight.

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