6 Reasons to ship well and make a great package that charms the customer

Receiving and opening the package is the moment of truth for distance selling and a very emotional moment for the customer. It is a key point of contact with a brand. A pity that is often overlooked.

Here we list the reasons for investing in this point of contact …

1) The package is “the first incarnation”

For a company that maintains all its long-distance relationships, the package is the first physical contact point for the brand, its main incarnation. If it is the first sale, it is also the first step on the path of a client’s enchantment.

2) The package is a key contact point for the brand

What better than a package with the colors of the brand, which vehicle best cares your image and improves the customer’s purchase? Please note that, unlike traditional advertising investments, 100% of customers are exposed to the message of your package, which includes container and content.

3) The package is a source of differentiation

The number of online sellers is growing at a rapid pace, the number of transactions increases, each of which gives rise to a delivery. If you do not exploit these opportunities for differentiation, you risk remaining one of the many anonymous people who sells online. Another element to consider is that the packaging, if done well, runs for home or office for some time always remembering your brand.

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4) The package generates emotions

The packaging of the shipment is all the more important because it generates emotions and concerns.

Think about who buys clothing: will the size be right? Is color just what I want?

The opening is made with a mixture of stress and excitement. Is my order complete? Is it in good condition? What if it does not satisfy me?

You have to consider the clients’ expectations and emotions at this important moment.

Amazon, which does not invest particularly in the design of the package, focuses on the functional aspect and invites you to notice every aspect in a systematic way. Improve the package to reduce transport accidents.

5) Packaging is a source of pleasure

The package offers an escape from the logic of uniformity and offers a desire for distinction.

When the goods arrive we can observe the surprise on the faces of others, we feel the intense pleasure of looking at the gifts open, we resurrect a world of memories also linked to childhood, when we also enjoyed the cardboard that contained the toy.

An expedition can be transformed into a source of joy and unexpectedness.

Have you ever thought about putting the gift samples in an envelope or extra package inside the main pack?

The psychological reasons of the package are the same as the gift box. If the eCommerce to work subscription you have more reasons to satisfy the charm of the customer.

6) The opening of the package can be an opportunity for sharing

Type “unboxing” on YouTube and find customers, youtubers, bloggers who take back the opening scenes of a package. Apple fans open a perfectly designed box, beauty bloggers unpack the products of famous brands and cosmetic boxes … but they also begin to follow and watch videos dedicated to food shopping like the one you see below.

Design a package for shipping

Designing an ergonomic package, creating a package with the aesthetic code of your brand, creating messages and surprises is the guarantee to work to develop a form of complicity with the customer.

It is a part of the show of the goods , it is the awareness that you take care of the customer from beginning to end.
Invest in this essential point of contact, a true moment of the truth of the customer journey.

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