6 Tips to Improve Website Content Promotion

It’s not enough to create interesting and focused content on a particular topic. Proper promotion is needed to improve the visibility of a post …

Promoting a site’s content is an essential aspect of marketing strategy, but it’s often completely neglected. Studying the client deeply, analyzing the winning communication formula, targeting the target and competing to create tempting content is not enough to ensure the maximum of achievable results to improve the visibility of a site’s content.

A winning marketing strategy foresees the production of appropriate content associated with an appropriate promotion that will enable the desired audience to reach. It makes no sense to write very interesting and relevant articles, if no one will read them. It’s just a waste of time and resources. Selecting the right target and succeeding in reaching it gives the right meaning to the content creation work for a site.

Here are some useful tips to improve site promotion …

Content Promotion
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Seek the influences of the industry of interest

One of the ways to promote content and improve its visibility is to find the right influencers and contact them. For example, it might be useful to search experts on a particular industry on LinkedIn and submit them, via email or private message, to a survey on themes known to them, then get an article from the responses received. When writing the piece you will have to take care to quote and thank all the influencers who participated, increasing the perceived visibility and pertinence of the content.

Use videos that accompany content

Video usage has been one of the most successful marketing trends of 2017 and will continue to be around 2018. It has been observed that this type of format is twice as much involved with traditional content. Users prefer to watch a video that read an article: it’s faster and fun.

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Use GIFs

GIFs are a good alternative to videos: if you do not have the time or resources to produce one, then you can opt for a GIF. They can be fun, fast, and juvenile. But beware: it is not said to always carry the results hoped for. Sometimes it is not the case to use one; their success depends on the target and type of public response to previous posts.

Content Promotion
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Use lead magnet

To relieve users of a site and encourage them to become regular followers, it may be useful to use lead magnets. It is to give those who subscribe, leaving their email address, a free and interesting content, such as an e-book or a white paper.

Launch a re-marketing campaign

Setting up a re-marketing campaign (or re-targeting) can be useful to recover up to 98% of browsers leaving the site. It essentially serves to keep the attention of a hypothetical user high on a given ad of a company. This type of campaign is based on cookies. A user visiting a site will continue to see that company’s ads on other re-marketing service provider sites. This is a way the company will have a second chance: even if the user has left the site, he or she can continue to see the ads, possibly including a subscription, subscription or purchase.

Write a list of Facebook and LinkedIn themes

To promote your content, it may be useful to create a list of the most relevant and relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups in which to post articles, in order to reach that target audience that is also a member of the group. In this regard, it is essential to use a picture of promoting content that is really effective in capturing attention.

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