6 ways to congratulate an employee on holidays without a 13th salary

About 25% of HR specialists working with the thematic questionnaire stated that this year their enterprises do not plan to give employees any festive cash bonuses. However, many companies plan to introduce alternative bonuses to encourage employees. Certainly, some of the workers would prefer an increase to the salary, but not all companies can afford extra financial costs. Although everyone can encourage their employees if they wish. And if in this vacation you are already late to solve something in this direction, here are some ideas that you can take into service in the coming year.

1. Festive party

Cash prone to quickly end, and the effect of their spending lasts generally not for long. What can not be said about the noisy merry festive get-together, which will give the abyss of emotions, and then with pleasure will be remembered for more than one year and will present general impressions and memories. And the common memories, as we know, are working on team building. You can order a fun in the restaurant, all the team go through some intricate quest, go karting or play paintball, go to the theater or make an appointment for a culinary master class. There are lots of ideas, there are plenty to choose from.

2. Flexible working hours

If the specialization of your business involves the possibility of working with some employees remotely, give them a chance to use it. Let people more or less freely dispose of their time and plan their work independently. Demand results and volumes, instead of requiring the total amount of time spent. People will thank you for understanding and trust and will not let you down. Of course, there are exceptions in any situation, but you will have the opportunity to check who is capable of, and, possibly, several vacant places will appear in your company, and some employees will open themselves from the new side and go on raising.

congratulate an employee on holidays

3. Handwritten thanksgiving letters

Nothing makes a person more loyal to another person, like understanding what they think about you, that you are grateful and that time and effort have been spent expressing this gratitude. The easiest way to implement this rule is to write personalized greeting letters or sign postcards with your own hand. Undoubtedly, you will not send them to a large group, but this is a great way to identify the most valuable or most distinguished employees. By the way, people like this little things, they appreciate such postcards on the tables much longer than the holidays themselves last.

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4. Present an experience

Instead of a banal gift card of one of the shops (restaurant, home appliances or beauty salon) give people an experience that they always lack either time or money. These can be tickets to the Botanical Garden, the Art Museum or to the Opera and Ballet Theater, a gift card for a bookstore or a city tour. Give spiritual experience, give beauty, give impressions and emotions. Give something that you do not usually want to spend your hard earned money, because there are always more “reasonable” and prosaic expenses.

5. Gifts that motivate

Hand in hand with useful gifts are motivational gifts. Every employee from time to time is thinking about starting to play sports. Subscription to the gym is quite expensive and may not be suitable for the employee in terms of time and services, but to present a certificate for a subscription, sports bag or just a corporate shaker will always be very handy. Perhaps someone will want to use them for their intended purpose.

6. Early celebrations throughout the month

Start creating a festive mood in advance. A few weeks before the holiday. Think of some kind of office quest, play in “secret Santa”, organize a quiz, a lottery or a thematic competition, involve in the celebration of clients and partners. There are many ways to create a festive mood in the office, spending at least a minimum of money and achieving the maximum effect from the invested effort. And believe me, your employees will be grateful to you!

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