7 reasons why small businesses to large surfaces wins

Every day a story related to freedom of business hours listed, the advantages that have large surfaces, the danger disappears small businesses and so on to infinity.

However, there is no reason for the small business outdoes a large area? Everything is lost? The answer is a resounding no. It may not be easy to excel at such a landscape where shopping and entertainment merge, but there is room for hope.

Small businesses
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1. In a large area can find everything

Indeed, in many there is a wide variety of products but is there anyway? For example, consider a light bulb, the products can be found, although they seem very different, belong to a few multinationals in the sector. If I look for a bulb specifically, I will take the surprise that might not be displayed or if it costs three times in a specialty store.

2. Great deals, savings

There is a facility where all products are cheaper. For example, fruit and vegetables is usually more expensive in supermarkets.

3. More news

The developments are part of advertising strategies, the word ‘new’ is one of the most used when trying to sell a product. In addition, against the benefit we get about the ‘new’ product will be small. He added a new hand would pay a little more for the advertising investment in it.

4. In a large area, I offer entertainment, cultural activities…

It is possible, but if not we live in big cities, it is likely that we have a wide range of leisure at all levels (children and adults) of higher quality. Free film shows (for example) Small businesses can introduce an element of entertainment such as contests, sweepstakes or get together with coffee. In addition, if children have a relevant role better.

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5. The customer, the best weapon of small businesses

What better competitive advantage that closeness and exquisite treatment? Customers appreciate that they advise, closeness, friendly and operative treatment. In a large area sometimes, you have to chase the clerk to attend you. Professionalism that becomes apparent in the business.

6. Savings in displacement

To move to the outskirts we consume time and large amounts of carbon dioxide. Frequenting more local businesses helps us to reduce the impact on the environment posed by trips to the malls.

7. A major purchase or more?

Most people make a major purchase once a week over a large area in which spends 80% of the family budget. However, more than a third of these products (food) they end up in the trash. Without planning we tend to buy too much or products that do not use.

However, when visiting local shops around work or in combination with other errands, with which it will slowly filling the larder of our home, more efficient purchases are made and we can eat fresh food at a good price, example.

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