7 Steps To Achieving Success with Online Business Project

We all know that the Internet and the digital world offer us a great setting to implement our business projects. The possibilities of automation, low costs, universality and other factors make this the ideal way to develop our creativity and success.

Now, a good business Internet project must go through a series of stages from conception to the moment we get the expected results. We can not move forward without clear steps; On the contrary, it is necessary to have a strategy, a path that leads us to our goal.

Online BusinessA clear strategy must meet certain requirements to be effective (in this paper can meet the five keys to a winning strategy). Let’s see then what those stages that must elapse to throw your web project success are.

How to develop a successful Internet Business Project


Although the goal of our project is undoubtedly economic web, i.e. pursue a profit, the first stage is to decide whether we will get directly or indirectly.

The question in this regard would be, what will you do on the web or what you want it? And in this regard we have two possibilities: monetize it or not.

Monetize means focusing it (dedicate) to activities that give us direct income. And this in turn would have three options: selling products (themselves or others), sale of services (themselves or others) and passive income.

No monetize means that we will give an approach that directly we will not produce revenue, but it will redound to our benefit, so that indirectly or ultimately provide us (examples: build or enhance our personal brand build or enhance an image of the company, etc.)


Once we have decided what we will do on the Web we get down to work and create, ie we must mount the web site depending on the purpose we need to have previously decided.

In this regard we offer various possibilities: blog, online store, corporate website (company, organization or institution), corporate website with blog, portal content, etc.

We must choose, as we have indicated, the website that best suits our project idea, our idea of ​​what we want to achieve, taking into account the characteristics of each.


Once created the website must attract traffic, i.e. have visitors get. If we have people who come to our site we do nothing, and that although we have the best site in the world.

What can we do to achieve that goal? Things like the following:

  • Create content of value, first. The way to get people to visit us is to create content that solves their problems or increase their quality of life in some way. That is what is called value content, ie content which, as its name suggests, has a value to someone. Create content of this type will also allow us to get viral and that what we do is exponentially spread by the digital universe.
  • Using different techniques of SEO (search engine optimization, search engine optimization) in two categories: on page and off page. The key is to be search engine friendly and allow people to find us.
  • Use (in due form) different social networks that can marry well with our project (in this article you can learn some strategies for using social media).
  • Use paid traffic , i.e. advertising and mechanisms to find (and attract) to our target audience: google adwords, facebook ads, etc.


Attracted customers, and as a pre-sale step, if that is our goal, we must retain them. In other words: we must retain that traffic coming to not go. Once retained, we must maintain a cordial relationship with it to earn your trust, to make them trust us, wanting to know and buy our products and what we have to offer.

How can we do this? Through various techniques, such as:

  • E mail marketing strategies.
  • Inserting contact forms.
  • Possibility of chats or forums.
  • Using RSS formats so that visitors can keep up with what we publish.


If we decided to monetize our website directly, and turn it into a revenue producing machine, it is time to do so.

Once customers have come and we have loyal, earning his trust, it is when we can offer our catalog of products or services and to carry out the act of sale. The customer is predisposed to do so because we have previously known.

Expansion / Growth

But getting income is not the end point. Once we have them, what else can we do ?: multiply, generate strategies that allow us to expand, increase them.

It is good to win, but it’s better to win more sustained and recurring basis. This is achieved in several ways:

  • Making scalable business.
  • Using networks.
  • Taking advantage of the mechanisms of affiliate marketing.

The key is not to stay in business, but expand it and increase it for you to generate much more revenue. In short, make it grow.


And finally (you ask, but there’s more Yes, there’s more?) There is anything we can do to make everything go smoothly and we can increase our monetary objectives: automate everything as much as possible to set it as a system capable of generating money with minimal direct intervention, with minimal staff intervention.

Ultimately, it is the platform to automate it can function on its own in most of functionalities.

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