7 Things to know before you become an entrepreneur and start a business

Start your own business and become an entrepreneur it is a big challenge with tenacity, motivation and utmost determination: genuine common goal of many professionals, tired of life as employees choose to leave the tranquility of a permanent job to devote yourself to the growth of a new business.

But to open a business is not at all small thing because those who choose to deal with such a step, must inevitably collide with a long series of pitfalls that, if analyzed carefully, can also discourage the most determined person, bringing it to another decision.

So what are these great obstacles against which all too often the employee willing to embrace the professional independence clashes? Let’s find out right away with analyzing the seven points listed below, which will allow us to better understand what an entrepreneur must be prepared to deal with their choice in the best way!

Start a business
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# 1- Variable Gains

Start your own means among other things also accept the possibility to receive, at least in the phase of StartUp, variable gains that, depending on the season, may fluctuate monthly salaried going from more or less regularly in monthly installments without any income. Before you throw open your arms to such a situation, it is therefore appropriate to wonder if you are really willing to make sacrifices and for how long.

Having established this, then it is absolutely advisable to raise a substantial amount of savings to be used in times of famine or directly to the development of its commercial reality.

# 2- Company Formation

Choose to become an entrepreneur involves the ability to launch a business by managing the many bureaucratic loopholes in the most correct way: from the registration of the new company at the opening of a dedicated bank account, through the acquisition of any business licenses and, more generally, for all those issues strictly related to the formation of a company.

To be able to have suffered the preparation of all necessary documents, it is important to consult professionals such as lawyers or accountants who, though generating an extra cost, are able to ensure the correct procedure of the entire administrative process.

# 3- The weak points of the entrepreneur

When you choose to open a business, we must now realize that all the duties and responsibilities shall be borne by its own: the roles different from the previous job (the other is an employee of the customer charge of research, graphic, more contact with the public, etc.) no longer exist, so you have to decide whether to face everything personally (saving money but the risk of making a mistake) or if challenged new employees for the management of different tasks.

Whatever the route taken by the new contractor, it is necessary to draw up a list of the various activities to be carried out and consider which require the intervention of another person and what budget will serve to pay for the same.

# 4- Workspace

At the precise moment when we assume the possibility to go it alone, it should determine where it will be held in concrete level professional activities. In this situation, the possible solutions are essentially two: home if you have an environment that allows the proper performance of work tasks or in an office.

In the first case, the cost savings are likely to clash with the laziness that could take over in moments of fatigue, while the second objective is to assess the financial possibilities. Who proves to be a productive person even in the home environment, at least initially can safely opt in favor of the most cost-effective solution from a monetary point of view, but if immediately takes over, for example, the need to welcome the guests in their seats, the search for a new space becomes a duty.

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# 5- Personal Productivity

The fact of becoming successful entrepreneur automatically assumes the need to know how to self-impose specific circumstances where being super efficient : those who work for themselves may produce in the morning, afternoon, evening and even in the middle of the night, but not to fail is necessary, as well as to demonstrate the highest possible level of consistency, also identify the best moments in which you able to give your best.

Also notable especially for those accustomed to the scanned times the employee, but that, once digested, it can give great satisfaction in terms of yield and performance.

# 6- Loneliness

Leave a job to open a business can generate (at least in the first period) a real feeling of loneliness and frustration resulting from the closure of relations with old colleagues, owners, customers, suppliers, etc.

To better face this stage of change, it becomes necessary to put yourself in a position to know as many people as possible: the fact of attending meetings, increase contacts on social networks, intensify public relations activities and expose yourself continually whether online or offline, you can build a new network of useful contacts for the serenity of your person, as also for the development of the started task.

# 7- Results

Starting Your Own necessarily presupposes the willingness to accept and overcome the daily challenges that those employees cannot even imagine, because working for yourself means learning to tackle head-on any victory or defeat, being willing to take the credit, and when they arrive even criticism.

These are the seven major obstacles that should be considered before choosing an entrepreneurial career: more or less dangerous pitfalls to be managed with a good knowledge of preventive dose.

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