7 tips to reduce the cost of your insurance

In our continuing quest to successfully lead our personal finances we can find that the cost of our insurance policies makes an important weight within our budget.

Let’s look at seven recommendations for these costs on a diet and lose weight in the personal budget:

Do not pay twice: Many people finance their policies and fees charged to the TDC, if you are one of them, know that he is paying interest to secure the one hand and on the other bank. It is preferable to charge fees to a bank account.

Analyze your risks: In many cases, through ignorance, hired some coverages that are not necessary, consult your advisor each placed within your policy.

Concentrate your insurance in one company and one adviser: This will increase your bargaining power as a customer, ask discount.

Asked by volunteers deductible: The higher the deductible, the cheaper contracts is the policy. Important: know what a deductible.

Evita term life policies: When establishing your policy seeks life that is universal life, as a percentage of the payment is intended to cover cost and another to accumulate funds that belong to you. At the time each payment is allocated 100% to cover the cost of insurance.

Covers a percentage: Upon securing your home does not declare below what really matters to lower the cost of insurance, instead, declared 100% of the contract value but a percentage to ensure you feel comfortable, this modality Recruitment is called “first loss”.

Marry and see: In auto insurance, discounts usually granted to married people. There are also senior discount and female people.

This is a diet that does not need to wait until the first Monday in January to boot. Keep your staff healthy budget.

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