All about credit for your business

Before applying for a loan or loan for your business includes the following points that we offer, remember that it depends on your growth impulses and that you reach your goals and not vice versa:

The time that you have two credit

Fix your attention on the time it will take to recoup the investment. This way you will know when you will have money and be able to settle the debt. To project sales will help identify the estimated time that you will pay.

CreditReally do you need it

Why invest in goods, fixed assets or improvement of premises? No matter where you are going to invest the money they give you, it is important to be clear about the purpose for which you need it. Keep in mind that the best reason to take a loan is because they are looking for improvements that will increase your sales.

Do not order more than you can pay

Besides having clear time in which you can probably recover the investment, you keep in mind that this credit should not exceed 10% of the capital of your business. Otherwise it will be difficult to pay and you can get into debt through interest.

Formalize your business

It’s easier than you lend money to a business that is reliable one that can just verify their existence and credit responsibility is not it? Therefore it is important that you can check the basics and also that when applying for a loan you can request invoices, statements, address and age of your business.

Having a good credit history

A good credit history will help the institution to which you apply for credit you have more confidence and have access to credit with better conditions, i.e. with less interest, more time to pay without many obstacles to apply.

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