Are these the best Christmas adverts ever?

When the Christmas adverts start appearing on the television, it is the signal for many that the festive season has truly started. From vintage ads to debuts, Christmas adverts never fail to raise a smile. They are three- or four-minute packages that grab our attention and generate so much conversation on social media, but which are the most inspiring advertisements from the past few decades?

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Looking back to 1978, the Woolworths Christmas advertisement featured a host of celebrities from Jimmy Young to Kenny Everett. They all put on their best smiles in a bid to sell household essentials, from Polaroids to steam irons and record players.

Geoffrey and a merry toy-filled Christmas

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Geoffrey and his helpers from Toys R Us. Although the 1989 Magical Place promotional video was not produced for Christmas, it was nevertheless very festive and fun and put the whole family in the mood for a merry toy-filled Christmas.

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A pet from the 2015 Sainsbury’s Christmas ad truly captured our hearts. The supermarket chain commissioned author Judith Kerr to create a story for children based on Mog the cat. Narrated by Emma Thompson, the advert – based on the themes of family and togetherness – prompted social media users to express their love for the clumsy feline.

Monty the Penguin is a storytelling masterpiece

A penguin was the mascot for one of the John Lewis ads – a brand synonymous with entertaining Christmas videos. Monty the Penguin tells the charming story of a boy and his sad friend. With the theme tune of John Lennon’s Real Love, it is renowned for being a masterpiece of storytelling with an adorable twist at the end.

According to a survey that analysed reactions to the advertising campaigns, Sainsbury’s The Big Night is the best Christmas advert for 2018.

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Holidays are coming

Christmas gets underway when the chime of the Coca-Cola lorry is heard. The iconic advertisement, which is timeless, usually begins airing in late November. The ad with the lorries appearing from the forest makes its initial appearance each year during prime time television with the familiar words ‘holidays are coming’.

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