Buyer vs. Seller – Safer methods of online payment

With the advent of e-commerce implementation was necessary for payment methods that make it possible to close the sale. It is very important to know our consumers and give you freedom in the choice of payment method and use relevant means to our fans to optimize the possibility of purchase. It should also take into account the scope (country) as there are countries with their own methods of payment can have very low percentage of use in other geographical areas and yet, in these locations be on top.

Online Payment
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Cash on delivery 

This is the safest method of payment for the buyer. Disadvantages can highlight the collection of fees and late payment of the product. This can lead to a greater chance of returns at the time of delivery for various reasons (lack of cash when the dealer gets more time to think buying …)

Payment by bank transfer

Method of safe and relatively comfortable for the seller because the shipping payment is not processed until the financial institution does not ensure that payment has been made ​​on the account. However, the seller must have the confidence of the consumer. 

It involves more customer inconvenience. Sometimes it is necessary to have a key to enforce the transfer. If it does not you may need to move to the bank and have to wait in line to make the transfer from there. In addition, some banks have reduced transfer time. Finally, the transfer takes to get to the store account delaying sending. It is also necessary that the client fill well the data concerning the order number to avoid confusion.

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Credit card or debit card 

It is one of the most common methods on the Internet. We can distinguish different payment procedures: SSL, virtual POS, etc … In many cases generate distrust of the potential buyer because it must provide data on your card, but financial institutions are constantly reviewing these mechanisms to ensure the safety of the users.

Alternative online payment systems 

This is online payment methods that do not directly use the credit card or bank account. Among them we highlight Paypal, Western Union or Google Wallet, among others. Paypal is a very secure payment methods for the buyer but left in a situation of helplessness rather the company in case of a claim by the purchaser. Western Union is a payment system unusual in some countries. But its use is more common in Asian countries and American countries. Allows the collection of cash, however you have to go in person to collect the fee. Finally Google Wallet is a virtual wallet that allows the buyer to carry out their banking transactions mobile.

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