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A short history of nickel

Nickel is an amazing material, found in artefacts dating back over 2,000 years. Swedish chemist, Axel Cronstedt was first to identify and isolate it as a single element. That discovery was in 1751 yet it was not until into the … read more

Liven up your sales letters

The sales letters that you send out are direct mail aimed at convincing the recipient that your service or product is just what they need. Never underestimate your sales letters, as they are a great way of reaching potential customers … read more

How office design can attract talent

Leading companies understand that people-centred office design attracts top talent today. Creativity and innovation in office layouts are designed to catch the eye. They also improve performance, helping to build a culture of enterprise and retain employees. In addition, today’s … read more

WordPress success in three steps

WordPress is an effective and highly user-friendly platform. If you are not familiar with its features and capabilities, it can initially appear quite overwhelming; therefore, here are three basic tips to keep in mind when building a WordPress website for … read more