Company Website: When it’s time for a redesign?

You have already invested a significant sum for the business website, but they are been a few years since it was created? Every website needs to be refreshed to suit different user needs, which change year after year as the technology!

To determine if the update time has come, consider these four parameters …

First: Low Search Traffic

How many visitors do you have per month? If your site is displayed many times, check the various indicators and consider an upgrade or even a radical change using the keywords with the most sought after in order to achieve an ever higher position on the search engines. You do not know what that means?

If your site has a few visits, rethink the structure with which it was made is what does it take to really bring new beginnings contacts for your business and new customers. Look, for example, how did we create a new section of a site in one of our customers that more than 70,000 visits per month brings.

Company Website
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Second: High Percentage of Rebound

The percentage of rebound is the number of visitors that, upon entering the site, we are not for long.

If your bounce rate is over 55%, you should start thinking about the reason why most visitors leave: have difficulty in finding the information they need? Or the content is irrelevant to the solution of their problems?

If visitors do not sail for a long time, your site is not doing its job, and you’re wasting a lot of opportunities to find new customers online.

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Third: High Percentage of Bounce Rate on Mobile Devices

Most users use the smartphone to surf the web, but if your site is not visible for this type of device, you are losing most of the public.

Now, when a site is created, it is also designed the mobile version, so if your site was designed before the use of internet in mobile, it is better to be redesigned so that the web page is accessible to all.

Company Website
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Fourth: Low Conversion Rates

The goal of a web page is to help your business to sell more. If your pages are visited, but surfers are not converted and do not become contacts of your company database, it means that you have a problem. The low conversion rate suggests that your site is not doing the right job.

A new project could be useful to renew the look of your site, make it more attractive but above all to find all in a simple and effective information and making sure that people, following a predetermined path, becoming the first contact and then customers of your company, allowing you to increase revenue.

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