Different ways of recovering lost data


A couple of years ago, if somehow you had lost your data, it was almost impossible to recover. Today, the situation has changed. You can recover almost all the lost files. It is quite usual to lose your data. Data can be lost due to a lots of reasons. Prime reasons are viruses and malware.

As we know that today, everybody has access to the internet and everything available on the internet is not safe. If you somehow download a malicious file, you can lose your data. Although the problem in the initial stage can be solved by using anti-virus software they do not rescue you all the time.


In the modern era of software, there is a software for almost everything. Today, you access to a lot of free data recovery software. A free data recovery software can help you recover all your lost files. Almost all the recovery software work on the same principle. You need to follow similar footsteps and you will be done with your recovery of lost files. First of all, download a free recovery software from the internet.

Then you need to run the software. The software will scan the storage drive. After scanning, the software will show you the list of recoverable files. All you need to do is to select the files you want to recover and give the software a directory where you want to save it. The software will recover the selected files in the selected recovery. Almost all the recovery software work in the same way but a few can be different in the working mechanism.


Then they have a limitation as well. As they are free data recovery software, they might not be able to recover all the files. A free data recovery software may not be able to recover a file of large size. Similarly, a free data recovery software may not be able to recover documents or images or pdf files. But these limitations differ from software to software. It also possible that a free data recovery software is able to recover all your files but again it is different in different software.


It is also possible that you are able to recover the files without the aid of any software. This is because even after the file is deleted from the hard drive it can be stored in recycle bin. The recycle bin recovery simply involves the recovering of the files from the recycle bin directly. The procedure is quite simple. First of all, you need to find the recycle bin icon on your pc. After that, double-click on the icon. Locate your desired file in the recycle bin. After you have located the file, you will be required to select the file. Right-click or tap and hold the file. Then select the option to restore. After following all this procedure, the recycle bin will now restore the deleted file in the original location.

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