Drupal: what it is and the advantages of using it

One of the main things that all websites have in common is that they will sit in a content management system, or CMS. This is usually a cloud-based platform that stores all of the information needed for a site’s smooth running, from code to content. Drupal is just one of these systems, and it’s incredibly popular. It’s also an open source system, meaning it can be edited by users for free.

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Drupal is highly customisable and SEO friendly

As any Drupal Design Agency will tell you, Drupal’s popularity is in large part due to its customisable options. Developers can tweak code without having to pay for access, meaning websites can be adjusted right down to the fine details. The result is a highly customised website that is completely unique to the business. As an open source system that a lot of people have used, there are also many pre-built themes and add-ons for Drupal that can be downloaded and used for free. This is good news for agencies who offer clients a highly bespoke web service.

The very nature of this flexibility in layout means that web designers are able to control how sites appear in Google searches, and used alongside bespoke SEO plugins, Drupal can boost a website’s performance in search results. This can be a huge selling point where people aren’t convinced that businesses need a website.

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It allows for enhanced user structure

In larger agencies where multiple people need to access client websites for different reasons, it makes sense that there should be a hierarchy of access rather than allowing for universal access that could be a security risk and not something most businesses would be comfortable with. Drupal’s scripts have the advanced capabilities of user management and advanced administration management, addressing these concerns directly. An experienced agency like https://www.website-express.co.uk/service/drupal-design-development-agency can set this up for you if you’re concerned about privacy.

It works seamlessly with social media

Drupal has the benefit of extensive API support from the largest social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. This allows developers to build highly customised website modules that work smoothly to communicate between a business website and its social profiles – something of increasing importance in the ever-growing digital arena.

To summarise, Drupal is a highly customisable and functional system for building unique and stunning websites.

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