Earning on the stock market: Skill or Luck!

Do you think earning on the stock market is a matter of skill or luck?

This is a good question that many people ask and certainly there are very contrasting ideas.

Moreover, this thing is related to a more general question, and that is if you succeed in life and in business is just luck or, rather, depends on the individual abilities.

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Earning on the stock market: Because luck counts!

However, the original question has no easy answer.

While there are many who think that to earn on the stock exchange should have skills, as well as the skills needed to succeed in life, there are many others who believe that the games luck a much more important role.

After all, if you invest in the stock market methodically but you are in the midst of a bear market, you probably earn less than those who simply buys a few titles at random during a strong bull market.

My view on this question is a little something in between.

At a very general level, luck matters a lot.

As Warren Buffett says, though he was born poor, its ability to select good company on the stock exchange would be of no effect.

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No personal capital, without being around people who could give him the money, no access to financial markets and especially without access to education and as a mentor Benjamin Graham, the natural talent of being able to select investments would do no good.

This is also true for us.

We were born to an average family or a poor developing country, or were born in another era, when much of the population could barely survive, knowing how to apply good investment techniques there would help much.

Even such things as divorce or disease can greatly impact on our ability to accumulate capital.

So, at a very general level luck counts.

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Earning on the stock market: Because the skills count!

That said, the world is full of people born in the West, wealthy, healthy and strong families, even with economic training, which also squander their savings in makeshift investments or who are unable to accumulate capital because they spend too much and do not have a good budget system and control of expenditure.

Not only do these people exist, but they are the majority.

In this group, we cannot just talk about good or bad luck. In this case, the skills, the perseverance, the psychological approach matters a lot.

In particular, know the techniques is not even the most important thing.

The aspect that I believe a priority is the psychological approach, which takes you slowly to save and accumulate capital. Then the techniques can be learned and even here has the mental approach and a willingness to learn new skills. Finally, the techniques must be applied and also in this case should be adequate psychological and mental approach.

In summary, earning on the stock market, as well as be successful in life, is a mix of luck and skill. If you were lucky to be born in the West, you have to learn the skills to earn on the stock exchange.

Good investment … !

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