Easy SEO tips for beginners

Search engine optimisation is an essential part of marketing your website and finding new users; however, it can be pretty confusing for beginners. Thankfully, you don’t need to be an SEO wizard to improve the SEO on your website; instead, all you need to do is clue up about what ranks as positive SEO.

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If you want to improve your website, here are some easy SEO tips for beginners.

Set up a Google My Business account

If you have a local business, such as a restaurant or a clothes shop, you should set up a Google My Business account. This means your business will show up in local map results; therefore, people who live in your town are much more likely to find your business online.

Add backlinks

You can create links back to your website by creating profiles on Yelp, Foursquare and Bing Local. Make sure that you include lots of links to your main website, as this will make your website seem more like an authoritative source and improve your search engine ranking. If you need a Newport web designer to help you with backlinks, check out professionals such as Newport and Cardiff web designer Netcentrics.

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It is also useful to link to other websites – just make sure that you only link to high-quality websites and not spam ones!

Start – and maintain – a blog

A blog will help to improve your websites SEO, especially if you post regular articles that include useful, relevant content. After all, there are millions of new blog posts every day, so yours need to stand out! If you run a bike repair shop, for example, you could write articles about DIY bike fixes, such as ‘Three bike repairs you should make immediately’.

Embrace keywords in your blog posts

It is also important to include relevant keywords that people may be searching for in your blog posts, such as ‘bike repair’ and ‘bike damage’, and the name of your town. This will help search engine bots to understand what your website sells, so your website is more likely to appear when people search for the same keywords. Make sure that you include the keywords in your titles, subheadings and alt image tags in addition to the image itself, as this will improve your search engine ranking even more.

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