Email Marketing: How to write the first contact email to a potential client

How to write emails that create the first contact is made? The email marketing tips for preparing the perfect email “hook”!

All these days talk about the importance of email marketing, but often the most difficult thing is not to write effective emails to our existing customers, but writing the first email to a potential customer that there still does not know or we know little. Therefore, how to write cold emails that are able to turn out to be interesting, persuasive and convincing: e-mail messages whose primary purpose is to encourage the recipient to read what is written, and perhaps respond. Ready? Let’s begin!

Devotes maximum attention to the object

Given the fact that losing a few hours to write an email impeccable in form and content is useless if the object itself does not capture the attention of the recipient, it becomes essential to choose a title that can make the completely irresistible message. To obtain good results, it is preferable to opt in favor of objects in which there are words 5-10 (the visible object jokes in the list of incoming mail is very small) designed so as to stimulate the user’s curiosity if one sentence manage to convince them to solve their problem, the percentage of reading the entire text will grow exponentially.

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Some examples of levers and approaches you can use to display properties of your mail …

  • Cleave (e.g. 20% discount for the next 24 hours)
  • Promise (e.g. The email marketing becomes a jade in 5 days)
  • How-to (e.g. Find out how to increase your margin of 5% on products)
  • List (e.g. 6 ways to lose all of your site’s traffic)
  • Fascinate (e.g. The email-marketing Learn the secrets from the best)
  • Intrigue (e.g. 5 Hottest marketer reveal its secrets)
  • Narrating (e.g. For just we have not closed the company last year but then …)
  • Questioning (e.g. You like to have a zero-interest loan?)
  • The novelty (e.g. New tool for your email-marketing)
  • Exploiting a “testimonial” (e.g. Find out why Mark uses our product)
  • Leverage the sense of belonging (e.g. A mechanical checkup free for all business)
  • Commanding (e.g. Stop losing customers unnecessarily!)

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Personalize the message according to the user

In the large email marketing sphere customizing emails plays a very important role because, besides urging the recipient’s attention, also help us understand how long the sender should have dedicated to finding information about him. To proceed in this direction, you can enter the name of the object in any particular person or body text that relates to (the work done, the age range, from consumer habits online, etc.): When you feel users taken into due directly, you will make them more likely to listen to you.

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Write mail short, simple, clear and spontaneous

To ensure that an email can be really effective, we must do everything possible to write with as much clarity, simplicity and spontaneity as possible, avoiding a priori excessive length of the content. This is because, as is known, users do not have the time or even less desire to devote yourself to reading messages too demanding, complex and / or full-bodied. The ideal is to choose formal styles such as those that would be used during a verbal conversation : if you put the other person at ease and do not understand many words do you say, the well automatically have towards you.

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In this regard, here is a very good first email sent to a product manager of a foreign company. A very simple but effective format. The text is intentionally censored in order to understand the method and not overly bind to content, which in this case was very specific and technical …

Subject: A quick question about the (interesting technical detail)

The object is placed as if we already knew and we had already spoken at other times, in more places a question very specific and strong interest.


Hello (recipient name),

Most companies spend a lot of resources to improve (interesting technical detail). I noticed that in (company name) are using (technical product actually used by the company) and I wonder: the addition of a useful tool to improve (interesting technical detail) would be useful in your current strategy?

I contacted the appropriate person on your team? Otherwise, you can direct me to the right person to talk to?

Thank you and hello

Sender Name

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Corporate data

A brief text and very direct, that does not revolve around the topic, do not waste time and explains exactly why the email. In a few lines, the sender is able to demonstrate that they have lost some time to understand what the company does and how it does (not an email that shoots at random in the mass). Note that there is no attempt to sell something immediately, merely asks for information. Finally, just in case the sender tries to make sure you have contacted the right person.

What do you think about it? Just let me know in a comment!

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