Facebook Local Awareness: How the ideal tool for small businesses works?

Facebook local awareness, means “reach people close to your business” and is the advert to find users close to your business.

Facebook Local Awareness, presented last October and immediately available in the USA, is now also active all countries. It is the ideal tool for small local businesses because it limits advertising to users only in a defined range of action with respect to their own business.

What is Facebook local awareness?

From 1 January this year, Facebook has changed the terms of service and who will have active location services will share its position with the company of Mark Zuckerberg. The social network has thus developed an algorithm that locates advertising based on its geographical location. Anyone with the active location services in the Facebook app will be able to receive advertisements of activities close to their position. And Facebook local awareness takes advantage of this feature.

Facebook Local Awareness
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Who will benefit from Facebook local awareness?

Certainly the local activities. We mean shops, restaurants, bars and fast food, activities such as laundries, hairdressers, spas and gyms, dentists and medical offices, grocery stores and all those services that have a clients that is generally limited to their area or just neighborhood.

According to a Google search, in fact, 69% of the people doing local research expect to find the business within a radius of 5 miles (8 km), so having the opportunity to reach people within this range becomes a great opportunity for a local business.

Why use the advert “target popularity in the area”?

Because you can reach all the public in the vicinity of your company. There are not many filters available, they are age and gender, but they can suffice because the goal is to work on the number of people nearby.

What are the costs?

Spending is widely customizable. In its own example, Facebook states that the business spends about $ 2.5 per 1,000 people reached. Since the probability of conversion is very high, the ROI (return on investment) should be very interesting.

Facebook Local Awareness
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Can this new function replace the other marketing activities for local businesses?

No. Facebook local awareness is a new opportunity and an extra arrow to local traders and businesses, but it cannot replace the marketing of small businesses. Remaining in the digital world, the information transmitted on social networks are generally seen as the water of a river: in continuous flow!

It is therefore not possible to offer information (not paid) and to think that it is read by a large number of users and potential customers. We also add the fact that the posts are not indexed by Google (at least according to official statements) for which there is a high risk of losing strength and diffusion already shortly after their publication.

To find new customers the central point today is and remains the website. From here it is possible to create your own marketing strategy which will then be disseminated also through social networks. As for already loyal customers, the site loses a bit of effectiveness while the APP for smartphones and tablets can be the strong point of its re-marketing strategy and therefore of gain.


This new advertising opportunity on Facebook has good potential. Costs are not particularly high and can be seen as an extra opportunity to add to others to gain new customers or retain existing ones.

The promotion must however have its own balance and be composed of many arrows that make up their bow. Facebook is one of those but certainly not the only one (and probably not the most important).

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