Family Business

Business Owner Did you know that 80% of companies suffer from Familism?

What does the Familism? The company has a disease have family members to give them work, fill them, to have them with them or because they find work elsewhere, but not necessarily because it’s what the company needs to grow.

This is very common in family businesses. And this generates a cost for business and also for the growth of the person.

Family Business
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However, this trades-offs are solvable family, and I want you to share three ways to resolve such situations or as make better decisions:

Are you ready?

1 – Generate Business Rules: It is necessary that all family businesses have rules to operate and that is transparent the way it operates and how each member meets its functions and goals. You also need to have a family protocol. It is the mechanism to follow to incorporate a family member in the business. This will prevent 90% of headaches family conflicts.

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2 – Help a family but not at the expense of the company: If a family member needs help, and not the person with the profile to grow in the business, better help him a scholarship. It is help to get a better position in another company or build your own business. So you will not leave wrong with your family and not commit business growth.

3 – Ask for help: Managing a family dynamic in the company is certainly one aspect that requires guidance and guidance of an expert. To avoid creating or aggravating stagnation personal situations that has emotional relationships and very high cost. Do not take more risks. If you are in this situation, a business coach can help you find efficient and simple mechanisms to grow your business and your family in a healthy way.

If you are in any of these cases and want to find better mechanisms and solutions, an expert can help you.

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