Five benefits of silicone in building and construction

When looking for materials which can help buildings last longer, silicone is a versatile and durable option.

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Available in a large variety of products, including coatings, sealants and adhesives, silicone is useful in construction products due to its ability to resist the damage and decay that can be caused by severe weather conditions, sunlight or excess moisture.

Its versatility also helps to make innovative architectural designs a reality, especially when dramatic shapes form part of a construction project.

The use of silicone hoses and mouldings are now a popular choice across many industries due to silicone’s unique properties. Global manufacturers such as Goodflex Rubber Company – offer bespoke production of silicone hoses, mouldings and assembly products.

There are five main benefits of silicone used in buildings:

1. It can help protect the exterior look of a building

Silicone adhesives and silicone structural glazing can help prevent damage to building facades caused by their exposure to the elements. In particular, silicone is a key material used to ensure building insulation and UV radiation protection in buildings with a large amount of glazing, as is so popular in today’s architecture.

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2. It can help exterior paint and coatings

Paints which have been enhanced with silicone adhere better to surfaces and offer greater resistance against damage caused by the elements.

3. It can help restore buildings without altering the appearance

Silicone coatings can protect buildings without changing the appearance of the original materials used, making it an ideal substance to use during the restoration of historic buildings

4. It can add flexibility to structures

The flexibility that silicone sealants can bring to building structures enables them to more easily be able to absorb the stresses and movement that a building may be subjected to during times of high winds or earthquakes. When used in movement, expansion, construction and connection joints, these sealants help to ensure the main structural materials stay in place.

5. It can contribute to the energy efficiency of a building

When added to foam insulation, silicone can offer better insulation value at a lower overall cost.

More information about the uses of silicone can be found on the Global Silicone Council’s website.

It is clear to see the many advantages that silicone can offer across a wide selection of uses.

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