Five uncomfortable questions for your insurance

When purchasing an insurance policy or talk to our consultant may raise some concerns about the policy that we have hired. Here are some questions that can cause it to suddenly cut the call, an emergency arises last minute or simply lie we hear a “quiet, you do not stop” from our broker.

insurance1. What is a deductible When playing this theme can see the sweat running down his forehead insurance agent, however, the definition is as simple as saying: This is the amount that goes by the insured in each claim.

2. Do I have waiting periods? In defense counsel, the majority gives an example the client and forwards the conditioned. Follow the recommendation !!!. Usually the conditional policies explained in detail this point. The important thing here is to dust off those glasses and reading fine print in your contract.

3. How does the grace period works? Many brokers commission thirsty, cheat customers saying that such a thing does not exist, meanwhile, some users have the false belief that it is a free month of insurance, but the reality is as follows: after the expiration of the policy, up to a month, if you have a claim, this will be covered only if you renew your policy in that insurer.

4. What is the network of providers? To avoid bad times, the recommendation for this question is to go directly to the website of your insurer, thus know firsthand this information, note that they are constantly coming and out providers (clinics, workshops, etc.) from the list, this should read from time to time this information, particularly important for the health area.

5. What you include my policy cover? This question is compulsory and will serve to measure the quality of counsel that are hiring, in case of doubt and mistrust in the response you get, you should immediately refer to your policy documents, you know , dust goggles and read those tiny letters.

With these questions answered clearly by your adviser, you will know your disposal and know whether to use their services, or simply find another alternative that gives you more confidence and allow you to have peace in difficult times.

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