Great reasons for business travellers to choose serviced apartments

As a business traveller, you are probably used to spending your nights away in either another identikit hotel room or rolling the dice and risking an Airbnb if the budget is tight; however, there is a third option: serviced apartments. With a serviced apartment, you can say goodbye to many of the most annoying elements of hotel living while still enjoying hotel-standard facilities.

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With a serviced apartment, you get a constant base in which you can feel settled. This is especially great if you are staying somewhere long term. A serviced apartment rented per week is usually cheaper than a four-star hotel room rented for four or five days, meaning you can go home at the weekend but leave all your personal belongings where they are.

Established providers

Serviced accommodation is not a new idea; in fact, the Association of Service Apartment Providers points out that the idea has been around for over a decade. The flexibly and convenience offered to long-stay business travellers is unrivalled; even better, the concept is not limited to the capital – simply search for serviced apartments Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool to check out the huge range available.

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You no longer need to live out of a suitcase. Serviced apartments are proper flats, meaning you can make yourself at home, fill up the wardrobe, and – of course – stock up with food. No more sneaking bottles into hotel rooms and trying to chill them in the tiny fridge – you can buy and cook what you like when you stay in a serviced apartment.

Home and office in one

Serviced apartments offer the space of a home office, reducing the need to book infrequently-available meeting rooms or to try to work on the bed. Let’s face it, very few of us actually like having a laptop on our laps for long periods! If you want to stay over the weekend and sample the delights of your temporary home, facilities such as Birmingham Serviced Apartments offer prime city centre locations.

Stop trying to cool your glass of wine in the minibar while you attempt to iron your creased shirt on the dressing table; instead, make the move to a serviced apartment today.

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