How do students improve Test on Test using Embibe Feedback

You cannot improve, What you cannot measure. Embibe test on test feedback is in the form of graphs that show you consistent improvement in marks scored and time taken across all subjects.

Let’s take a look at any student’s daily routine. Wakes up , gets ready for the school, goes to school, stays in the school, comes back, relaxes for a while, does his homework, goes for tuition, comes back, relaxes and then dinner and little revision n goes to sleep. Next day the same routine repeats.

Now in all this time we know, he studies, but how? we do not know that.
The ‘How’ in this case is a huge question. What is his study strategy? Is he getting stuck somewhere? If he does, what is his approach for solution? In short we do not know the details.

After taking Embibe tests, not only a student gets to know his mistakes but what he can do to fix them and improve his preps for the next time as well. Here he can analyse, the behavior and patterns about the attempts he is making.
At Embibe student can find out exactly how many perfect, wasted and overtime attempts he has, across his tests to start improving his scores. Take a look at the example shown in the image below :

One of the most important things that a student needs to monitor while preparing for competitive examinations is, time management across each subject. Embibe test on test feedback helps him learn more about his time management strategies and equips him to get maximum out of the time he has. Take a look at the example shown below:

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You should go through as per the Embibe’s recommendation.
If you are confident enough than you can take FULL TEST.
After the completion of each test, Embibe will give you the test feedback which tell your WEAKNESSES & STRONGNESS like how many CORRECT attempts, INCORRECT attempts, etc. you have done. This way you can measure yourself on test-on-test basis.

If you are not confident enough than you can LEARN on the particular concepts.
you can start practicing after learning any concept/chapter.

If you are little bit confident & not confident about taking the FULL TEST than you can do PRACTICE first.
In practice, you can take different level of practice sessions, example: Subject level, Unit level, Chapter level.

Check out these videos to see how Embibe analysis helps you to improve your scores.
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What is a perfect attempt

What are overtime attempts

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