How to avoid becoming a toxic leader for your company

Any entrepreneur should know that to succeed in business one of the requirements to be met is to run well their various tasks. Not enough to say I’m going to start a business and invest in it. The role of the entrepreneur encompasses a number of responsibilities that range from being a good salesperson, creative and innovative strategist, manager and something that many they forget to be a good leader.

BusinessBe aware of this as we fight for our company succeed, it is not easy, we know. And often what happens is that we are with so much weight on that we forget the most simple yet most important, the human side of the company.

All ever before launching the venture, we have had a boss and I’m pretty sure like me, you also have committed errors detected quickly your former leaders.

How to identify if you are a toxic leader?

Then I gathered some useful tips that you must apply if you want to avoid a toxic leader for your company.

1. Toxic leader is never present

How an employee will respect their leader if it does not know what happens in your own business? A good leader must lead his team to meet with him from time to time to guide them to the right path, advise and support them at all times.

The team at least expected an answer whenever a question arises, and once resolved feel more confident that everything will be okay. With each answer of the leader, the team will gain confidence and respecting go further.

2. Exudes confidence

A leader who does not care about the issues of the company, its employees problems, obstacles of everyday life … can never be a good leader. In addition, forward to the rest of the team confidence and begin to sow panic among them.

No one runs the rudder and the boat may sink if action is not taken immediately. With a similar feel to this can feel the team.

3. There is no dialogue or communication

When a toxic boss is dialogue and communication become null. It does not care what others are saying, not even ask them if they agree with something that affects everyone. All I can do is give orders and directions, ignoring the views of the team, which also count and are more valuable than you can imagine.

4. Appreciates the work of his team

Recognize a job well done, will make employees feel happier and more creative. Allowing the business to continue growing.

What it shut. The leader must express and shout from the rooftops the win. We must celebrate the joys and this will motivate more employees.

5. Focus on the numbers and neglects people

A leader who is obsessed by numbers and if you can not alter their goals and not get very far with your business.

People are not machines, and there are people to encourage them to increase their productivity . That’s what makes a good leader.

6. When things go wrong, does not support his team

The mistake is that we do not control negative feelings and let these control us. Instead of getting defensive, we try to approach the other and ask for help! The solutions are closer than we think.

7. Threatened with dismissal

A leader who is constantly threatened with dismissal, implying directly to a worker at any time you can go, is not exercising its function as leader. He’s taking command of autocratically, without considering the rest and trampling them without any consideration.

I hope these tips you’ve learned to differentiate well between a good leader and a toxic leader. The next step is to implement it. And remember that a leader is not born, but made. So take your time and make your employees see you as one and not as an enemy.

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