How to choose the right industrial shelving

When it comes to industrial shelving, one size doesnt necessarily fit all. Different shelves can support different weights and different sizes, so it is important to find out which kind of shelving is best for your business.

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After all, there are lots of benefits to using storage space, such as minimising clutter, but if you get the wrong kind of shelves, they may break or become damaged.

If you want to buy new shelves, but youre not sure where to start, here are three of the most popular types of shelving. For expert advice on Garage Shelving for the extra items you have that need somewhere to go then why not try links including

Steel shelves

Steel shelves are commonly used in offices and warehouses. They are very versatile, as you can buy them in a range of sizes and shapes, such as open or closed shelves, and there are normally back braces to keep the shelves stable. One of the main benefits to steel shelves is that you can buy adjustable ones, so it is easy to buy the perfect sized shelves for your storage space.

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Rivet shelves

Rivet shelves are also a popular option, as they are easy to move around and assemble. They are also fairly versatile. You can buy adjustable options, and as you can build them yourself, it is easy to disassemble them and move them to another storage space if you want.

The shelves are also stronger than they look, and many rivet shelves can hold up to 1,850 lbs of weight. If you decide to buy rivet shelves for your storage space, you may want to consider buying shelves that have a wooden board to help support smaller items.

Wire shelves

Wire shelves tend to be the best looking shelves, so if your storage space is in a public space that is used constantly, they could be the best option. This shelving has an open construction that normally doesnt have sides, which means that the shelves are easy to access – but it is also easier for items to fall down the side!

The main disadvantage to wire shelves is the price, as they are normally the most expensive shelving option. They are also available in less sizes than other shelving options.

If you are thinking about getting shelving, make sure you weigh up your options and make the right choice.

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