How to choose the right sign for your business

The adage first impressions count is rarely more obvious than with the frontage for your store. A good image, 24/7 visibility and a distinctive, memorable sign is one of the best ways to attract customers who actually want to buy, while the right brand, products and services will help to gain footfall.

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Signs come in all shapes, sizes and costs, so it is crucial to maximise the value of your storefront sign, starting with the logo – the all-important emblem for your business.

With costs already at the forefront of your mind you could look at whether moving into a serviced building with its own signage already set up and in a well known location could save this extra hassle. Popular chooses you could look at are Offices to let Basingstoke with lifts, conference rooms and air conditioning. This beautiful complex will have everything you need to move straight in.

In store media is a key factor in our contemporary perception of businesses. This starts with the signage, even if low cost and simple. Create the right impression from scratch.

Signage can be confusing, but it is important to get the right image for your budget and usage.

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Fabric signs are low cost, colourful, versatile and easy to order; however, they require maintenance, so can be false economy. Light boxes improve 24/7 visibility.


Painted plywood is simple and affordable, with prices increasing for more durable hardwoods. Wood is generally high maintenance and needs replacing fairly often; however, it is good for a more old-fashioned, established image.


Using your stores existing windows can be an expedient and versatile option, although it can fade into the background in bright daylight.


Punched or laser-cut signs suit anything from contemporary to retro and are relatively keenly priced.
Metal also comes in more expensive 3D options, adding depth to the image and enhanced visibility with backlighting.

A premium metal storefront signboard adds class and distinction, especially custom-made varieties. These weather well and need little in the way of maintenance.


Awnings add to the store-front presence with physical impact and increased visibility, with design options, and by providing shelter for customers. Interestingly, shop owners with awnings report considerable savings on their energy bills, which goes some way to defraying the initial investment cost. Although built to withstand weather, awnings need regular cleaning.


Stone and rock offer permanence and require virtually no maintenance; however, they are heavy, need space and can be expensive. Composites are significantly cheaper.


This familiar sign type is most suitable for night-time businesses and has great impact, but can cost both initially and in terms of maintenance.

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