How to Do Email Marketing: 8 Tips to Get Started With The Right Foot!

Are you wondering how to do email marketing to attract the attention of as many users as possible? Want to reach new potential customers via email, but do not know how to approach your audience?

Read our 8 valid email marketing tips below to help you relate to consumers in the right way: targeted tips to follow the letter to get positive feedback already in the short run.

#1 – Consider the format

Since mobile devices are growing steadily, before using email marketing to reach new potential customers, make sure that your messages are perfectly visible to both computers and smartphones and tablets because otherwise the risks of preclude an important segment of consumers interested in your products-services.

#2 – Choose carefully the address you send us your email

Some industry experts ask to include the company’s trademark or company name in the sender’s address, while others point to the name of the person who sends the message: a good compromise could certainly be to use an inclusive account Of both denominations, so that they can present themselves in a professional way, showing well organized and structured activity.

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#3 – Be careful about the subject of the mail

If you want to find out how to do email marketing the best way to maximize message opening rates (the percentage of people who, when you receive the email, will open it), you have to pay close attention to the items of all your mail, Choosing short phrases of about 40-45 characters but, at the same time, being clear , persuasive and, above all, able to provide benefits or solve problems for the recipients.

#4 – Provide a clear invitation to action

What do users need to do with your emails? Get an offer, make a purchase or receive an incentive? Whatever action you need to do, try to make it as simple and straightforward as possible because otherwise you risk losing the interest of many users who, having little patience, want or time to devote to your mail if they do not understand how to proceed, they go to another in a few seconds.

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#5 – Choose the right form and words

In order for e-mails to reach the recipients always, in email marketing it is absolutely essential to evade spam by carefully choosing the form and the words of your communication: it uses a language that is not excessively commercial because it is likely to be interpreted by the system As too promotional and for that you do not like it.

#6 – Do not opt ​​for aggressive approaches

Among our valuable email marketing tips, we can certainly not miss the one about the first time you approach a user: too aggressive or pertinent messages that aim at making a sale or closing an agreement are not recommended in most of cases(there are limit cases that may work but only for specific products or specific customers), because the recipient might be annoyed and losing interest. When you turn to a new limited person to present you specifying who you are, what you do and what kind of support you can provide them, adding at the end of the message a friendly phrase that allows (if interested) to contact you for more information or sign up for your newsletter. This way, you can not be too pressured or even too violent. And remember: always show the benefits to the user clearly!

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#7 – Customize and tag your emails

There are those who choose to invest in systems that allow you to automatically add the recipient’s names to whom mails are sent and who prefer to subdivide newsletter submissions based on factors such as the geographic area, age, Sex, etc. Different techniques that, in addition to involving users and enticing them to open messages, also allow them to receive custom promotions that may be of interest to you personally.

#8 – Guarantee some concrete benefits

If you want users to open your e-mails, you need to provide them with real benefits by offering real added value that can stimulate their interest : before choosing the incentive to propose, evaluate and understand carefully the needs of consumers You intend to turn them in, so that you can give them exactly what they need.

#8 + 1 – Watch and Learn

See how great success stories like Amazon, eBay and other leaders in your industry are working. You can learn a great deal by examining the choice of words, aesthetics and techniques used. The big realities (especially if they are very related to the online world) spend huge budgets to test the effectiveness of their messages and are rarely mistaken. Of course, looking and learning does not mean looking at and copying, as you know them, many are aware of these realities!

Now that we have explained to you exactly how to do email marketing properly, you can also leverage our 8 valuable tips just provided: effective tips that will help you get real benefits already in the short run.

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