How to get out of stagnation and start growing?

Business is like riding a bicycle. When you stop pedaling (search for “growth points”), you go for a while, but then you fall. That is, for some time, the profit revolutions are slowing down, and then you are on the verge of closing.

stagnation and start growing
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Leading the game on the example of Facebook

Facebook in a report to its shareholders, in addition to the growth of quarterly profit by 76.6% in 2017, announced four growth points, at which the company will focus in the near future. Thus, making it clear that he is not going to rest on his laurels, to stagnate, but continues to develop further. The growth points are the following: virtual reality, augmented reality, own business communications platform Workplace and WhatsApp, which are going to be paid in some southeastern countries.

Perhaps the main secret of the success of Facebook is not in the minds of Mark Zuckerberg, but in the fact that he constantly and tirelessly develops his company. How everyone laughed at his failures. For example, unsuccessfully launched in 2007, the advertising platform Facebook Beacon, which defenders of personal data sued. Or Facebook Lite – an application for users who are not interested in the variety of social networking functionality that lasted eight months. “We are closing the Facebook Lite application, but this experience has given us the opportunity to understand a lot,” Zuckerberg commented on the closure of the product. Among other things, the applications Paper, Slingshot and Rooms were released, which, in the end, all were closed. What is surprising, but Zuckerberg does not regret his failures. Who would not say, but precisely because of these “failure” attempts to develop the company.

stagnation and start growing
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Any company at some point reaches stability – this is the natural phase of growth, since it is important to consolidate your success. But the market does not stand still, competitors too, and at some point it becomes obvious that it is necessary to implement a new market. And not in one direction, but at once in several directions.

At this very moment, you need new ideas and new points of growth. But where to get them, if under the weight of work you cannot raise your head and look at the world around you? Besides, where to get the resources for new achievements?

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To begin with, you need to determine the “points of growth”, that is, to determine the opportunities for the development of your company. If you cannot find them, then this is quite predictable. As said by Einstein, the solution of any problem lies above the plane where this problem is located. That is, there are two options for you: either you have a mentor friend who cannot be biased to look at your company, or you need to seek help from an outside expert. Applying consulting services is the most expedient option, since it will allow you to save energy, money and time in search of new candidates for key positions of your company. In addition, any delay and error in this situation can cost your business. It is known that the services of consulting agencies often resorted to the venerable founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson.

stagnation and start growing
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Generation of ideas

If you do not ask anything from your colleagues, are not interested in their opinion, then soon they begin to feel like in a swamp. On autopilot with a dull face do your job and at the appointed time go home. So, you need to create an atmosphere of creativity. Despite how long your company exists, it is necessary that the atmosphere of the startup reign in it – when any member of the team freely expresses their thoughts and ideas.

You can do this only if you are not afraid to change the established corporate rules, as well as reconsider the motivation in your company. Businessman Richard Branson admits that all his new ideas appear with the light hand of his employees. It is always open to anyone who wants to talk about some new idea. Indeed, every employee of Virgin Group has the opportunity to call him on his mobile phone and talk about his ideas and projects. Lucky people, who have presented smart ideas, get financial reward or become co-owners with Branson of a new company.

If you need help in initiating and organizing the development process in your company, if you do not know where to start, and the proposed recommendations seem too complicated for you to do it yourself, we will gladly help your company open new horizons for its development, launch a flywheel of changes and involve your employees in them, so that they become not a brake, but an engine of the renewal processes taking place in the company.

There is another way to find new growth points – accelerator projects. It will give your company the opportunity to regularly grow in new directions. You can also try to conduct a corporate hackathon – a forum in which employees from various departments divide into teams and work on the solution of a specific task. Of course, this decision may require additional financial resources, but there will be no shortage of ideas any more.


We have listed a rather incomplete list of opportunities to exit stagnation and search for growth points. If you still hesitate and do not know where to start – contact. With pleasure, we will show you which solution will be the best in your particular situation.

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