How to increase the B2B traffic to your website?

It is now a fact that several of the traditional marketing strategies have lost effectiveness. This is due to the fact that with Internet consumers today have a much more active role in the purchasing process: We inform, assess and seek on the Net opinions before deciding where to go, despite that most of the companies operating in the B2B are the most reluctant to embrace of method Inbound Marketing.

Such resistance among B2B companies stems from considerations that, in most cases, have proven to be incorrect, or based on the assumption that purchasing decisions are not focused on online search, because the products / services offered are aimed at companies specialized or niche audiences with a specific target, unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s see how these three strategies are able to increase traffic to your website and generate a growing number of qualified leads, even in B2B …

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1. Blog

One of the best Inbound Marketing strategies to increase traffic to your website is definitely in B2B Blogging. No matter the type of business, all B2B companies should have their own blog, why? We answer with an example: If your product or service specializes likely have a considerable cost, the logical result suggests that potential customers before deciding whether to spend or not important resources, definitely will want to inquire as much as possible, will research then on your company, about your competitors on the product characteristics and its advantages.

A blog is to have available the perfect place to share relevant content and at the same time make themselves known to potential customers as well as apart from the competition, but not all. The blog is also a great way to position your company as a leader in the sector, increasing the confidence of buyers.

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2. Search Engine Optimization

To generate more qualified traffic to the website you need to position itself among the top results in search engines, especially if the products / services that you sell are highly specialized, but how? By optimizing the contents thanks to SEO techniques, such as using certain keywords content will be optimized for search engines, climbing up the SERP (the list of results).

A simple thought: if the potential customer does not know where to find on the product, the first step you will perform will not be on the Net.

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3. Social Media Marketing

If done correctly a Social Media Marketing strategy can actually be effective in increasing the traffic to the company website, regardless of the type of product or service you are selling.

Specifically LinkedIn for B2B is the best social network to reach qualified prospects, in addition to decisions maker of high level. Do not forget that even in the B2B prospects are people who surf the web just like all the others and the same way they are affected.

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