How to look for a new digital partner after a bad experience

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet a new client that has made me feel – by his own admission – hesitancy towards a new partnership: he had little previous experience happy.

You sound familiar story? Surely, you are neither the first nor the last person who will be in a similar situation and inside you have realized that it is time to start a new search.

After your experience, it will not be easy to share in the fourth looking for a new supplier, but I have some advice to share with you before we put you to work.

Meet your “next partner”

And the most obvious thing, but also one that is frequently forgotten. Useful in our “research” is giving an eye to social, LinkedIn and Facebook in the lead. These channels, sometimes, are a kind of calling card for an agency, as they give space to the team’s ability to express. It’s always interesting to read post of corporate blogs or shares of the most famous sites in the industry articles.

Look for evidence of the agency’s clients who have bet: you can start contacting those who are present in their portfolio and ask how they are found. You may also want to consider whether these suppliers are participating with the post in authoritative sites or events as a speaker.

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Ask questions forthright who is in front

In this regard, it is crucial to focus on what you want to know the provider you face: what to offer you more than the previous partner?

Feel the classic cliché as “your satisfaction is our mission” is certainly not the thing that inspires more confidence. It is instead rewarding feeling demonstrate solutions based on your real needs, because it turns out to be the signal that those before us really framed our situation.

It would be useful to make two very specific questions: why companies choose that agency and why others do not. It is not a trick, but looking for an honest answer. Indeed, there are agencies that specialize in e-commerce and less oriented to brand awareness projects, why turn to who is best suited to our needs is the wisest choice.

Do not forget that, as it is important to ask questions to those in front of you, it is a strong positive signal to receive: if your partner starts to ask more information, shows interest in you really get to know your company.

Talks about goals well clear numbers

It is not just a matter of “I have to sell, so my goal is to increase transactions.” We must therefore have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and where we want to go, such as the total revenue to be achieved by the end of the year or the collection of applications for a task.

Very often, you have already come up with an idea of budget to be made available, without even knowing of channels that apply. In these cases it is useful to discuss with the potential partners of how the budget will be able to make us reach the target and if this is the case or not to re-balance / re-distribute.

In order to better monitor the activities to be carried out, it is necessary to define the KPI, or key performance indicators. They are a cost per conversion or, for example, collecting a set number of leads per month or year, it is crucial to know what these figures. Only thus can the provider will weigh all the actions that will made in the action plan and you will have an eye on the progress constantly.

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Define the means to confront

In defining the working dynamics with the supplier, you should also define the type of reporting you need. Some of our customers want to receive a report that only collects your monthly spending, crops leads and the cost per conversion, while others require many extra details (time on pages, bounce rate, the purchase path, etc …), because they need to know in depth all made actions. Give this to those you faced the need for a weekly or monthly overview. This type of report may also be automated to be sent to the need: you will always have the data at hand and measure the interventions will become more fluid day after day.

Define the workflow

If it is not your intention to deal directly the exchange of company-vendor information, you’ll certainly need an internal reference. Do local mind on your collaborators and choose the person who will act as the bridge between the two companies to smoothly communicate.

As for the timing related to the receipt of reports, we should also define alignments and meetings.

Inform the potential partners of all the suppliers involved in your project; the strategy that will be developed will have the need of a very elastic network of communication between the team of designers, developers, any printing offices etc.

It tells the gaps that have been earned during the previous management

Sincerity comes first: pulling off what you perceived as a “failure” during her work with the previous supplier, can be born of the points to be discussed.

Clearly communicates what you heard as empty and try to determine whether the potential partner has never had to face such situations with clients who had the well-defined requirements.

Stop for a moment to think about when you stand in front of those who …

  • It is not an argument about numbers: it is impossible to develop a strategy without having an eye on the performance of does not ask questions; typically more curiosity supplier, the better. It means he has a strong desire to achieve deepening of your company and needs information as possible to be able to implement his plan
  • I promise you that within a few days the activities will start in the fourth: to create a digital marketing strategy takes time. There is no planning done without evaluating everything in detail by not thinking long term. Needless to say, it is also necessary the availability of content and graphic material to support the development of an asset, so it’s really impossible to leave with an ad hoc strategy in a few days
  • It does not make you understand that you can trust: it is usually easier to be told “do not worry, we do everything we expect only the results”. In fact, it is good to have him explain the length and breadth of what the vendor would want to put in place to help your business, so you be clear about the plan and to involve you for any ideas.

It is happened to you to have to face the moment of transition from one provider and believe we are of the steps to deal with differently? Do you have any advice to give to those who are in this stage? Tell us your point of view with a comment!

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